Monday, April 2, 2012

Leaving "the Ohio."‏

This will be my last e-mail. A week from today I'll be having my departure ceremony and then the 10th I'll be flying to TENNESSEE! (yee-ha!) and then to Salt Lake.
It has been difficult this week to have investigators keep appointments. A few of our lessons have been just on doorstep or stop-by. But nonetheless it has been a very fulfilling week.
We had a Word of wisdom lesson with Josh and he seems very excited to quit. We've been following up with him daily as he agreed to let us do and he's been very honest and actually showing some progression in that area. I can definantly tell that since he first started taking the lessons he has become much more humble and repentant and family oriented. It's very heartwarming. He has to quit by the 7th in order to keep his date.
The Rowes are wonderful. We were able to go skating with the ward Wednesday and they came. It was pretty crazy because every little member wanted to skate with "THE MISSIONARIES!" and we were trying to keep an eye on Sierra. Plus i totally ate it and nearly smacked my head on a brick wall. It was way fun.
Anthony came to 4 sessions of conference and Sierra came to 3. She's progressing so well that we moved her date up to the 21st of April. She's a wonderful little girl and very excited to be baptized.
In fact yesterday we went to a member's home the Tuckers with the Rowe's for the last session of General Conference and we were able to teach their German exchange student about the Book of Mormon. It was just a small experience and she'll be going back to Germany in a couple weeks but it was really cool. (So that one is for you pops!)
General Conference was awesome by the way and I invite all of you to prayerfully consider and apply to your life the words of the prophets.
It's changed my life serving day after day. I know the church is true. I know the gospel is true and the only way that me and my current and future family can have lasting happiness. My focus has changed dramatically these past 2 years I wish I could just give you the love and comfort that Heavenly Father has given me. I have a testimony that if you pray sincerely for peace it will come. I'll remember this experience forever. I love you all so very much and I'll see you on the tenth.