Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Monday Again!‏

This week has been a lot better than the previous couple weeks. We had to stop working with a Less Active that just wasn't very willing and then we were able to get in contact with 2 others. One of them doesn't really seem like he's interested in coming back to church because currently he is a member of the RLDS faith. He was very interesting to talk to. The most interesting part is that he referred himself to us because he wanted Pamphlets and movies and such so he could preach "The Restoration" (Just the restoration). We told him that we only hand stuff out for the purpose of helping others come into this church. Very interesting, his name is Joseph Pupo. The other man we got in contact with I think we can actually do something, he is very humble and wants to get back into the gospel his name is Willie Edwards.
The coolest things that have happened this week is our new investigator Nicole. Elder Prince started talking to her while we ordering food from her in a nearby Chinese restaurant a few weeks ago. At first we couldn't seem to work with her but now she has a baptismal date. It's pretty exciting. She has a seven year old son (i think seven) that we haven't met yet.
Another great thing that we are working with is one of the Less Actives we have been teaching Janetta Sipp came to church activities and church this week. The unexpected thing is that she brought a non-member friend of hers to church named Ashley. It was unexpected because we've been having difficulty getting her to church but it was very awesome to see her and her friend there.
Well I lov'a youssa peoples.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zoned Out cupcake face champion!

Well it has been a little bit of a trial week. We still have no way of getting in contact with Pam and Ben is defiantly avoiding us. We were having some difficulty getting a hold of him on the phone and this wasn't the first time this has happened so stopped by and when we knocked on his door and I saw him basically run upstairs. So something happened there either got anti-ed or something like that, kind of a bummer but I've come to realize a lot that you receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.
Elder Prince and I have kicked our talking with people up quite a bit since our teaching pool went down. We've found a decent few people that seem pretty interested. Some of the biggest difficulty is getting them to keep or set up appointments though. The cool thing is we've taught 2 almost member referrals recently we just can't count them as referrals or new investigators yet. But one of them Joan seems like there is some solid potential behind her because of the family who is referring her is one of the strongest in the ward the same family that referred Isiah (whose getting baptized Saturday) to the Zone Leaders. I think she and him and some other people came because of having the bishop on our side in this ward and the help of family mission plans in this ward. I pray that more come.
Lastly Leonard Banks is doing well don't have much to report about him. Just need to overcome some hurdles before baptism.
I also have been a little sick this week with a cold that caused me to stay inside Friday. I'm glad I did, I feel allot better the day after which was actually an awesome day.
It was Saturday and the ward was having an activity in which we went around with a bunch of members taking pictures with specific objects around Cleveland. Elder Prince and I went with the McCrackens and had a blast. I'm gonna try and get a hold of some of the pictures.
Finally I don't know if you remember but a year ago when I was with Elder Decker (who just went home oh and by the way transfers happened and nothing changed) in New Castle, PA. We went to something at the John Johnson home for P-day and had a half mission p-day. We did that again Monday which is why i'm emailing today. It was tons of fun. We had a really race in which I got to smash my face in to some chocolatey cupcakes. I loved it and we won! Just like last year. It was pretty sweet I was eating cupcake of my clothes the rest of Zoned out.
Well I love you all and I should be back to normal email schedule next week.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The tale of the Headless Dog on Buckeye!‏

Well there has defiantly been some challenges this week but Elder Prince and I have been working through them. I really love this area and the goodness of the members and the people within it. Most of our work has been with Less Actives(LA's) this week due to some issues with Investigators. The miracles that have been happening with the LA's have been awesome though. Elder Prince and I have been working with a Sis. Burgess and she has come to church 2 weeks in a row which is just incredible. She's really been applying God into her life. The other LA's we've mostly been working with reading comprehension with them and seeking the spirit to help them understand.
Pam has kind of disappeared. Her phone doesn't work anymore, because she can't afford the bill, so we can't get a hold of her. When we stopped by for an appointment she wasn't there so we left a note and every time we have gone back to see her again the note is still there. Hopefully we find her again and figure out a way to mend any situations she's been going through.
Ben is doing great. He's still progressing however he can't come to church because of work. He talked to his boss and his boss said he needed him to work Sunday's because all the other workers have been promised that they won't have to work Sunday. So we've invited him to plenty of church activities and we're gonna do our best to get him there. Looks like general conference will be the first time we get him to church.
We weren't able to meet with Leonard this week but he is doing very well. He came to church Sunday and we are gonna help him through some issues to prepare him for baptism.
On another funny but kind of gross note so don't read this paragraph if you don't like being grossed out and sickened sorta. While we were biking to church on Sunday morning we took a different route so we could see if Pam could come. Well while we were going a long I saw something weird just laying on the opposite of the road side of the sidewalk. It was hairy and as I looked at it and got closer I smelt something absolutely terrible and the smell got way bad when I passed it. I realized it was a dead dog. It was dead because it had no head. Which was not to be seen anywhere near by. Elder Prince and I are pretty sure somebody like macheted this dog's head and left the body because it didn't really look like it was hit by a car. So that was the highlight of the day/week.
I was also able to stand in the circle for the confirmation of the Holy Ghost for one of the ZL's baptisms. His name is LaShaun and he's pretty much awesome.
Well I love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Let the Lower Lights be burning."‏

This week was exciting. Although the weather has been funny and it seems to me that the cold is coming back. It started out with a not to bad kind of a heat and then went to nearly unbearable heat and humidity, now it's kinda chilly.
We saw a lot of success in visiting non-members and less-actives with members of the ward. Most of our success has been through our investigator Ben Kleidman, he's just awesome and asks questions that you don't find a normal 17 year old ask. He also retains the information we teach him and what he reads very well. I really love teaching him. The only issue we have been having with him is that he can't come to church yet because he has work at that time. We commited him to talk to his boss about it though so we're praying that turns out well.
We are also working with Pam Payne who is just a sincere person, she has a few issues we have been helping her with but she is just a wonderful lady. She is always very happy that we come and she feels the spirit, most of it is taking the time while we are gone to bring the spirit herself. She's doing really amazing though, she has been very humbled by life.
We also have been trying to work with the Boyfriend of a member that has been taught in the past. His name is Leonard Banks and he's a good guy just has some personal "Goliath's" to overcome.
A few of our other investigators have been hard to keep in contact with and at least one of them is not interested anymore but we are still very hopeful.
I'm not quite sure if I wrote about this but we had Elder Marcus B. Nash (of the seventy) visit our mission. He gave some very profound statements that I love. One was (paraphrased and actually taken from an apostle) "we always talk about getting the water to the end of the row so all the plants don't die, but with god we just need to have it rain." Then he also pointed us to D&C 84:106-108 i thought those principles would help us a lot in getting people to church.
On Monday we went out by Lake Erie (with the zone leaders we live with Elder Bills and Elder Rangel(he's Venezuelan)) which was just beautiful and was as angry as an ocean with how big the waves were, and we watched and air show with some of the members from our ward the Bagleys. That was a lot of fun and the planes were pretty sweet.
Yesterday we had district meeting in the Kirtland Stake center and after that we were able to go do some service at the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse that early church members would see when they come in or leave from by boat on Lake Erie. It used to be like the Salt Lake Airport with how many missionaries would leave from there they said. I thought that was pretty funny.
Well this is long and I love you all. Keeping working hard and I will too.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion