Monday, October 25, 2010

"I'm Elder (Censor) and I rebuke you in the name of dilligence."‏

Been having a pretty fun week over here in Ashland. Last Monday had some pretty dang tasty rice and chicken with some scrumptious broth at a members house. Tuesday i went to Wooster (Not like the chicken but like wusster) it was cool cause Elder Cardenaz spent six months there. We had district meeting and after that Elder Gullerud and I did some stop-by's. Wednesday i killed a spider by the branch building and felt it crunch beneath my shoe and that was rather unsettlingly gross. We also got a new investigator that day which was awesome. Her name is Erin and she's nineteen she also has a moderately interested step-sister named Tasha which is awesome. Thursday we were blessed with another new investigator named Bill. He's super nice and likes cats. Saturday we were able to go to a branch Halloween party. It was pretty awesome and had a lot of Halloween themed food. The coolest part about it is they had a small hike lit up entirely by tiki torches and that was pretty cool to take a walk up. But then we had to go or we would have turned into pumpkins at curfew. Did a little bit over two hours of tr acting yesterday after church.

We've had a lot of cool things happening this week. Oh and the quote at the beginning came from a previous ap of this mission that i have never met but all the elders in the mission quote him.

(*)<~Love you

Monday, October 18, 2010

I swear I'm almost in one of my favorite Disney movies.‏

Well I ended up in the tiny town of Ashland, Ohio. I'm back in the Akron Stake/Zone. It was really cool cause I had to go back to Fairlawn's apartment to get my comp. and car. I drove down from the transfer meeting with one of my favorite missionaries Elder Richardson with his greenieboy. At the transfer meeting Elder Parker was having his very last one so I was grateful to be able to say good bye to him. Very much Amish country and lots of farmland. I'm pretty sure I'm as close to Columbus, Ohio as I can get. It's as the middle bottom of my mission. Also it literally feels like I'm in the Disney movie Halloweentown with all the just gorgeous trees round about me, small town feel to it and Halloween decorations everywhereish. It might just be that it's almost Halloween but I'm so feeling like there is gonna be walking goblins and friendly floating ghosts around the corner. It's super surreal.

My new companion is Elder Gullerud from Corvallis, Oregon (near Eugene). He's a little bit like Blake Jenkins kinda like Elder Decker was like Ben Howarth. I pretty much love working with him. Except all we can do is tract all the time because they just baptized the only real investigator. But eh. I'm having fun with it. Nice people in this place and plus it's shaped like a wagon wheel. It's a really nice place.

By the way if anybody was to come to Ohio. Mid-October with the changing leaves is just absolutely b-e-a-utiful. Well love you all.

(*)<~My address is:
Elder Lance Sumsion
325 A Hillcrest Dr.
Ashland, OH 44805

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I've got a surprise for you!‏

It has been quite a different week I would say. The best thing that happened this week was a lesson that we had with the new investigator Ella May. She's a widow that lives down in Ellwood City near the edge of our area. We went there on Friday to go and see how her Book of Mormon reading was going because we've stopped by there a little bit but nothing seemed to be able to make her an investigator. Well we stopped by and ended up talking about prophets a lot and eventually she started wondering where they had all gone. Then we told her about the restoration and she was really accepting it quite well. Near the end of the lesson both Elder Decker and I felt we needed to extend the Bap. Commitment. When I did it she got this horrified look on her face and said "But I've already been baptized!?!?" Then Elder Decker followed up beautifully with the need for authority and gave it to her again. The spirit was there so she said yes, don't have a date for her yet but we were planning on doing that next time.

Sadly Stacy wasn't baptized because she wasn't able to get permission from her husband. Although Stacy is already so solid it's just a matter of time. Aric wasn't able to be baptized either.

Last night i watched a slide-show to a talk that was done years ago at a BYU thingy. The talk is called Unleashing the Dormant Spirit by a seventy in 95' named Elder F. Enzio Busche. It was REALLY good. I loved it. The thing I watched made the talk even better, you might be able to find it on You Tube.

Well, the surprise is that my companion Elder Decker is training a new missionary this upcoming transfer. So tomorrow the 13th I'm being transferred out of New Castle. I don't know where I'm going yet so if you've got any letters hold off on sending them. Don't worry if you've already sent some. Elder Decker said he would forward them for me.

Love you all!
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mormon Message‏

Hey the Mormon message for Stacy Miles is on Something about puzzle pieces. At one point you see one of the Recent Converts Dave Andress bend down and come back up during church. Well I'm sitting right next to him.

Its Cold! And only like 50-60 degrees!‏

This week went quite well I think. Not totally sure what to say about it. I had interviews with Pres. and that went well. He bought us yummy Ice Cream. Ummm….Well conference was really awesome. A lot of talks about following the Prophet and stuff like that but I guess following the prophet is an all consuming subject because if you follow Pres. Monson's words and example exactly I'm pretty sure your good with getting Eternal Life. But anyways my favorite talks were the talks on showing gratitude by Elder Holland and Pres. Monson they were super...gracious. But I'm gonna have to say my very favorite was during the priesthood session where the British seventy talked about not being rebellious. Loved it a lot, his accent just made it ten times better.

OH! Stacy Macri could use some prayers to soften a heart so she can be baptized this weekend, as well as Aric Ross. So if you could pray and even throw their names in the temple that would be awesome.

Other than that its just bone chillingly cold and wet, I think also because of the after effects of some hurricane but I'm not totally sure. Love you all and thank you for your prayers.

(*)<~Elder Sumsion