Monday, October 18, 2010

I swear I'm almost in one of my favorite Disney movies.‏

Well I ended up in the tiny town of Ashland, Ohio. I'm back in the Akron Stake/Zone. It was really cool cause I had to go back to Fairlawn's apartment to get my comp. and car. I drove down from the transfer meeting with one of my favorite missionaries Elder Richardson with his greenieboy. At the transfer meeting Elder Parker was having his very last one so I was grateful to be able to say good bye to him. Very much Amish country and lots of farmland. I'm pretty sure I'm as close to Columbus, Ohio as I can get. It's as the middle bottom of my mission. Also it literally feels like I'm in the Disney movie Halloweentown with all the just gorgeous trees round about me, small town feel to it and Halloween decorations everywhereish. It might just be that it's almost Halloween but I'm so feeling like there is gonna be walking goblins and friendly floating ghosts around the corner. It's super surreal.

My new companion is Elder Gullerud from Corvallis, Oregon (near Eugene). He's a little bit like Blake Jenkins kinda like Elder Decker was like Ben Howarth. I pretty much love working with him. Except all we can do is tract all the time because they just baptized the only real investigator. But eh. I'm having fun with it. Nice people in this place and plus it's shaped like a wagon wheel. It's a really nice place.

By the way if anybody was to come to Ohio. Mid-October with the changing leaves is just absolutely b-e-a-utiful. Well love you all.

(*)<~My address is:
Elder Lance Sumsion
325 A Hillcrest Dr.
Ashland, OH 44805

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  1. I think Elder Richardson might be my son, Elder Douglas Richardson. I know that are two Elder Richardsons in the Ohio Cleveland Mission, but this seems to match up with our son's current service area and just getting a brand new Elder to train. It will be fun to keep current on Elder Sumsion's reports.