Monday, September 27, 2010

This library has a pet cat that just wanders around all over the place.‏

This week was pretty fun. On Tuesday Elder Decker and I literally reaped with our might using a sickle on some corn, very scratchy stuff and tons of spiders and ants. Thursday and Friday because of a leadership training meeting I ended up in Warren, Ohio in a triple up with Elder Barlow and Elder Hollingsworth (His brother went to this same mission 5 years ago). They're some very impressive newer Elders, especially when we ended up talking with some Jehovah's Witness' that just wouldn't anything and kept saying John Smith very irritating. There is a lot in that area, apparently there is 2 Kingdom Halls. But I had a good time in that area, some very wonderful members and just nice people. On Sunday we finally got a new investigator, Elder Decker and I have been trying to build our teaching pool since I got here and now we finally have. Her name is Becki and she's a friend of a Less-Active family in the ward. She recently loss her husband so we're doing our best to teach the plan. Really wonderful person though and if she starts coming to church I bet the less-active family will be more willing to come.

I'm pretty much stoked for General Conference.

Um...this morning a member dropped by and showed us that a cat had dropped a dead mole on our doorstep. Elder Decker thinks that this cat has been treated to kindly by previous Elders because it's always hanging around. One time the Elder that I replaced in the area got up from praying and saw the cat on his bed just staring at him.

Happy Birthday Mom.
Love you all (*)<~Elder Sumsion

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bleh! A Ghost!‏

I didn't actually see a ghost this week but the library I'm in right now is particularly old and creepy plus I saw a lot of books on witches. Today I'm having p-day in Lisbon, Ohio which is the area with the little bit of West Virginia in it. So I'm pretty close to that state right now. This week a couple of the doors have been pretty good this week one door the guy got up out of his chair and while he was walking towards the door we both said Hi! Then he slammed it right in our faces. Another lady last night asked us through the door who we were and when we said missionaries she slowly got out of her chair and came to the door. When she opened the door immediately yelled at us saying "YOU BOYS GOT SOME NERVE KNOCKING ON MY DOOR THIS LATE AT NIGHT, I DON'T WANNA LISTEN TO A WORD YOU'VE GOT TO SAY!" SLAM* I giggled for a little while leaving those doorsteps. But honestly most people are really cordial. Talked to a potential that believes in Wicca for like a half-hour plus we talked to some old lady who just wanted someone to talk too. She started crying when we were leaving and I was pretty touched. Its been a pretty good week I'd say. I have defiantly seen how the lord puts us places at the right time and we have been able to help people while being there.

Well I gotta hurry up and finish this survey the church wants me to do so love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sump.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I mowed my lawn this morning.

This past few days has been alright I think I'm finally getting the hang of my new area. Well we had a good appointment with Aric Ross. We basically just kept bringing up that you need to make that leap of faith for baptism. But he wasn't at church yesterday and had a small W.O.W. problem so his date is gonna have to be pushed back. Stacy Macri is doing well, she's very submissive to pretty much everything we ask her to do. Like we asked her to fast yesterday to receive a couple answers to questions she's been having, like a conformation that the B.O.M. is true. Haven't talked to her since she left church yesterday though to see how it went. I think she'll be all ready to be baptized next weekend though. Maria (Laurenza?) fed us and a 93 year old member named Tony yesterday. That was nice, she's very Italian. The Branch President here Pres. Lunnen is very much a go getter kind of guy. I really like him, ummm also Bro. Gould who delivers the paper to most the county. He's really great and loves telling stories especially about previous missionaries and history of something.

Nothing much else really going on. I think most of my zone is going golfing today so I'm e-mailing in Youngstown, Ohio's library. Fun fact about Youngstown is that it was the 2 time winning murder capital of the world (or probably nation) in i think it was 2002 and 2003. Something like that. But anyway there was this really cool shirt that had a couple of guns crossing each other. The catch phrase was "Come heavy or don't come at all." I wanted that shirt so bad but my comp. said the place that sold them went out of business. On the plus side I got this awesome yellow shirt that says Mormon Helping Hands.

Anyway love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Castle, Pennsylvania!‏

Hi everyone, I was transferred to the only area in my mission that is nothing but Pennsylvania. It's a little weird their is a decent amount of Italian people here. The first lesson I taught was to 2 Italians in a Chinese restaurant. I thought that was a little odd. Lots of Steelers fans over here. Getting transferred is weird and quite an adjustment though. But I think it's going pretty well but I'm definitely not used to being in a Branch unless it’s a singles branch but this is so very different. Elder Decker my new companion has been great taking over the area for the past few days while I've been trying to figure out whats going on and such. There are some really nice and neat members out here and the investigators are wonderful and nice. I was able to buy a bike from an Elder that just went home so I have a bike now its just not as good as my last one. On Monday the mission had this thing called Zoned out where half the mission gets together and does p-day activities also a small competition (Which my zone so totally dominated at). This area has a couple baptisms coming up. One we're not sure of but the other Elder Decker thinks will work out. Oh yeah and now I have a car and I'm the driver. I live as far east from the Mission home that you can go.

Well I love you all. : )

(*)<~Elder Sumsion

My new address is:

Elder Lance Sumsion
1603 Huron Ave. Apt. R
New Castle, PA 16101

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Elder Sumsion's new address

Elder Sumsion
1603 Huron Ave. Apt. R
Newcastle, PA 16101