Monday, September 27, 2010

This library has a pet cat that just wanders around all over the place.‏

This week was pretty fun. On Tuesday Elder Decker and I literally reaped with our might using a sickle on some corn, very scratchy stuff and tons of spiders and ants. Thursday and Friday because of a leadership training meeting I ended up in Warren, Ohio in a triple up with Elder Barlow and Elder Hollingsworth (His brother went to this same mission 5 years ago). They're some very impressive newer Elders, especially when we ended up talking with some Jehovah's Witness' that just wouldn't anything and kept saying John Smith very irritating. There is a lot in that area, apparently there is 2 Kingdom Halls. But I had a good time in that area, some very wonderful members and just nice people. On Sunday we finally got a new investigator, Elder Decker and I have been trying to build our teaching pool since I got here and now we finally have. Her name is Becki and she's a friend of a Less-Active family in the ward. She recently loss her husband so we're doing our best to teach the plan. Really wonderful person though and if she starts coming to church I bet the less-active family will be more willing to come.

I'm pretty much stoked for General Conference.

Um...this morning a member dropped by and showed us that a cat had dropped a dead mole on our doorstep. Elder Decker thinks that this cat has been treated to kindly by previous Elders because it's always hanging around. One time the Elder that I replaced in the area got up from praying and saw the cat on his bed just staring at him.

Happy Birthday Mom.
Love you all (*)<~Elder Sumsion

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