Monday, September 20, 2010

Bleh! A Ghost!‏

I didn't actually see a ghost this week but the library I'm in right now is particularly old and creepy plus I saw a lot of books on witches. Today I'm having p-day in Lisbon, Ohio which is the area with the little bit of West Virginia in it. So I'm pretty close to that state right now. This week a couple of the doors have been pretty good this week one door the guy got up out of his chair and while he was walking towards the door we both said Hi! Then he slammed it right in our faces. Another lady last night asked us through the door who we were and when we said missionaries she slowly got out of her chair and came to the door. When she opened the door immediately yelled at us saying "YOU BOYS GOT SOME NERVE KNOCKING ON MY DOOR THIS LATE AT NIGHT, I DON'T WANNA LISTEN TO A WORD YOU'VE GOT TO SAY!" SLAM* I giggled for a little while leaving those doorsteps. But honestly most people are really cordial. Talked to a potential that believes in Wicca for like a half-hour plus we talked to some old lady who just wanted someone to talk too. She started crying when we were leaving and I was pretty touched. Its been a pretty good week I'd say. I have defiantly seen how the lord puts us places at the right time and we have been able to help people while being there.

Well I gotta hurry up and finish this survey the church wants me to do so love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sump.

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