Monday, July 26, 2010

Neighbors Helping Neighbors-The Neighborly Thing to Do.

This week has probably been the biggest change for me in the mission so far but its been pretty good though. Elder Cardenaz was sent to Defiance,Ohio right near the border of Michigan and Indiana. Elder Perkins from the Barberton Area right below us was sent to Holland near Toledo. My new companion is Elder Parker from Salt Lake. He used to work up near Cleveland and he goes home in October. Elder Richardson a greenie from Woodscross replaced E. Perkins. Its probably gonna be twice as weird when I get transferred out. The change has been good though.
The week started out with high hopes with a potential named Dwayne but sadly we haven't been able to get in contact with him all this week. Taylor is still not progressing, I'm thinking we just need to have a ride for her so she can stop relying on her mom who doesn't seem interested. We're still working with her been talking about the Strength of the Youth because I think she really needs that to keep up with the high standards of the church. Hopefully we can see some progression in her soon or we might have to drop her...Miss. Zelma Kennerly is progressing a little bit, I don't know if she leave her current church right now but she is learning I think. Darlene Craig is doing better she committed herself to start living the word of wisdom slowly that was pretty cool.
On Saturday the Elders and a lot of the ward members went and did this thing called Paint your heart out. With members of other faiths we go and just paint peoples houses in Barberton who could use the help. I had a really good time doing that, got paint all over me. The title of this e-mail comes from the free shirts we were given. Its what it said on the back of it. I thought it was really dorky.
Otherwise since E. Cardenaz has been gone I get lost a lot around town. But eh...I'm figuring it out.
Love you all.
(*)< Elder Sumsion

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dun Dun Dun Transfers-New companion tomorrow.‏

Well as you can see by my title. Elder Cardenaz my trainer is getting transferred tomorrow so I'll be getting a new companion. Also Elder Perkins is getting the boot somewhere else in the mission. So its gonna be a little different with two new people in my district and ward. New people is cool though but I'm gonna missem. By the way I don't think I'll be transferred until the beginning of September or if not that the middle of October.

This week doesn't look all that great but its all good. We got flamed a few times and appointments were canceled but I wasn't discouraged very much I think. Can't remember much. Taylor isn't progressing like at all right now. A lot of the appointments we've had recently are almost near impossible to bring the spirit because of all the distractions. Yesterday was especially unhelpful because her cousins were there and a couple of them weren't taking it seriously at all. In the end of it I committed her to read the strength of youth because she told us a couple things that really proved to me how much she needed to read that. We're gonna go over it with her next time. Also she has been to church once this month so that has been detrimental to her progression. But she is still a wonderful person just needs to keep progressing. Last night we had a nice stop by with a college student name Dwayne. We taught the first lesson and he accepted it pretty well so hopefully we can change him from potential to investigator soon. He's great though. Darlene Craig has been sick so we missed her this week. Miss. Kennerly was committed to pray and ask if god has a body and is not just a personage of spirit. I think the thing that helped me not be discouraged this week though was the wonderful district meetings we've been having. The Elders and Sisters in this district do a great job of involving the spirit in those meetings.

Everyone here is in a funny uproar about LeBron.

OH! And I forgot to tell everyone that i might be in a Mormon message coming out in a few months about a man named Stacey Miles. The church sent their camera guys to our ward and filmed during church. So you might see me in the background (hopefully very much not asleep).

Love you all!
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mission pictures

Here's some pictures Lance sent home!~

If you've lost his current address its
429 N. Hawkins Ave. Apt.#307
Akron, Ohio 44313