Monday, July 12, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle!‏

Well right now we are not sure when Taylor will be baptized. The adversary is working on her rather hard so we're figuring out how to counteract that. Mostly I think she needs a little bit more support in her family and more time for them to learn about the gospel with her. We finally got another appointment to work out with April. Hopefully we can help her progress toward coming to church at least once. Will (her husband) recently got his wisdom teeth removed so he wasn't present at the lesson. I was very excited to get a couple investigators this week. We've been having serious difficulty this transfer with potential investigators missing appointments. So the new investigators were very much a blessing their names are Cathy (whose last name we don't know yet) and Arlene EcHoles (she has a young son). Other than that Darlene Craig is coming along well, she still has ties to a couple other churches but she should eventually make the right choice and Miss. Zelma Kennerly came to church this week, although I don't know if she's gonna want to switch churches but we'll see where that goes.

Also this week I went on a pretty long exchange with an Elder Berry from Cuyahoga Falls. Elder Cardenaz had to go to a meeting in Cleveland where they pretty much changed the mission around a lot. Zone Conference and Interviews are only gonna be like every 3 months or something like that and they got rid of Zone Development meeting. So that is kinda lame but this came straight from the Apostles so eh I'll get used to it. But anyways Elderberry was a stud I really enjoyed chatting it up with him whilst we went about Thursday and Friday. Although Cuyahoga does not have a bus system so they bike everywhere plus that place is nothing but rolling hills (beautiful town though). Well on Friday it rained really hard so I was biking in the rain. It was pretty much awesome I was drenched.

(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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