Monday, December 27, 2010

Well I think I lied but I didn't know so I can plead ignorance.‏

So yesterday was pretty much terrible. I was super sick but gratefully I was able to attend church and not be too bad throughout the whole thing. So was pretty lame. Feel quite a bit better now though.
Lets see...on Tuesday we exchanged with Warren and I went with Elder Hollingsworth. Exchanges always seemed to be burned in your mind forever even though you only spend a day with the other Elder. But the craziest thing that happened with me and him was that while I was driving their car. I saw some guy standing in the middle of the road and I said "What is that guy doing?" Then I hit a pothole and a rock. Which caused a hole in one of their tires making it so it needed to be replaced. That was the most crazy thing that happened during that exchange.
Transfers are next week. Honestly I don't know what is going to happen other than p-day will be on Tuesday. Hopefully I don't get transferred but it might happen.
The Crubaugh's seem to be coming along well. They couldn't make it to church yesterday because they were in Indiana. But that's OK because I wasn't totally all there at church yesterday anyway.
Friday, I locked us out of the house and the car at the same time but luckily we had the phone so we could get a hold of the landowner who has the spare key.
Christmas was pretty cool. Sleeping in was awesome. Talking with you guys was awesome. Going to the Molleks and the Dickeys was awesome. All in all it was a good day.
Anyway love you all and I'm feeling tons better than I was yesterday.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Monday, December 20, 2010

I guess I had mission conference this week.‏

Man! The tabernacle burned up! Sadness! Oh well...was it an electrical fire? I remember from choir that the electricity in that building was terrible.
Well this week has been awesome I just forgot it was. I had mission conference on Tuesday of last week and it was super epic. Pretty much we were able to partake of the sacrament in the Kirtland Temple and it was on a Tuesday. We were able to hear from a couple Stake Presidents in the area. I'm pretty sure the Stake Presidents from Cleveland and Kirtland. Plus a guy named Karl Anderson (Kirtland Patriarch) he's also the church's go to guy on anything Kirtland. Then Sis. Sorenson as well as President. I definitely felt a very welcome outpouring of love from the leadership. It was a really super great experience and I think it'll happen again next year.
We were blessed with 4 new investigators this week which was super wonderful because our teaching pool when I came in basically fell out from underneath us. First of all we've been teaching the Crubaugh's (I think that's how its spelled). They were a referral and seem pretty solid. They are looking for a new church. Then a nice lady named Maddie or Matti I'm not quite sure. We were talking to here last night and I'm pretty sure she said she was a Nun for like 7 years. The coolest thing though is that she said we were kinda different than most church people. Although she'll be harder to meet with she's not totally committed to weekly lessons. But she said she'll read the Book of Mormon because I'm pretty sure we helped her realize that everything we talk about resides on the truthfulness of that book. Lastly we're teaching a Part-Member girl named Kayla Browning. (I'm not sure if she's related to Brock but I doubt it). Mostly we kind of need some sort of strong member foundation for her because she seems to be the only person in her family serious about the church a bit and she's in 7th grade.
I'm not quite sure when I'll be making phone calls. I'll probably make contact around 8-12 Utah time. Not totally sure depending on how that day goes. Because me and my comp. have to share and we've got a lunch and a dinner planned at members house. Our dinner is at the Dickeys and I don't know if I already mentioned this but they've got 16 children and about 7 or so live at home. It's pretty much awesome.
Oh on Saturday we pretty much did an all day service and we helped a member move a bunch of stuff and like 27 washers and dryers. It was intense but we had a good time.
Well I don't really have anything else to say.
Congrats to Amanda for finishing her Chinese mini-mission!
Love you all.
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

Monday, December 13, 2010

Don't drink the water!

Had a not too bad week out here in Ashtabula. A couple of the days have been pretty snow filled but not really too bad. We got a lot of rain yesterday and most of the snow went away. If I go a little further down the state though there is tons and tons of snow. Met a wonderful member on Tuesday named George Johnson. He has his trials but he's in his seventy's and he's about as fit as a teenager and he does a lot of windsurfing and cool things like that. Wednesday was cool because we had a big meeting with our Zone. The mission is gonna be changing again but its all good. Met a nice retired Catholic Priest named Father King. He took us out to lunch. He's very humble and a wonderful person. At that lunch I had a pretty good sandwich that was like a grilled cheese with turkey and baked apples inside. It wasn't to bad of a sandwich. Sadly we're kinda needing to re-do our teaching pool which is a little lame but won't be to bad. We got dropped by an investigator yesterday and our other ones aren't really doing anything. But we've got some potentials that seem good. Erin came to church here again yesterday and is doing well, apparently in a week or so she's gonna be like right next to Palmyra which I thought was really cool. Tomorrow we get to have mission conference and sing in the Kirtland Temple (they slightly want us to re-enact some of the dedication) kinda cool. I'm pretty excited for that.
Anyway, if those pictures I sent could get shown around that would be cool.
Love You all.
This is kind of some food for thought. I was reading this this morning during personal study. They come from an old Seventy Elder F. Enzio Bushe. There is more of the talk on but this is the best part. But it's called Hitting the Mark if you wanna look it up.
Staying Close

There are only two elements that separate us from the Holy Spirit: first, our lack of desire to repent, and second, our lack of desire to forgive. Here is a list to help you stay close to the Spirit:

* Embrace each day, no matter how it looks, with an enthusiastic welcome.
* Steer your thoughts away from yourself and direct them, in gratitude and love, toward your Savior and your Heavenly Father. This will help you overcome fatigue, despair, and physical sickness.
* Choose to accept the challenges that must be part of life. They can draw you closer to Heavenly Father and make you stronger.
* Feed your own spirit. It needs constant nourishment.
* Sacrifice your selfishness. Meekness prepares you to receive the Spirit.
* Put all frustrations, hurt feelings, and grumblings into the perspective of your eternal hope.
* Pause to ponder the suffering Christ felt in the Garden of Gethsemane.
* Realize that Heavenly Father knows you are not perfect. He will give you comfort and suggestions of where to improve.
* Understand that your Father in Heaven knows better than you what you need. Listen, and follow the suggestions he makes, even the uncomfortable ones. Over time everything will fall into place.
* Fear the consequences of sin. Flee the very appearance of evil.
* Look into the eyes of those who are hard to love, long enough to see them as children of God.
* Forgive and you will be free again.
* Avoid pessimistic, negative, or criticizing thoughts. On the road toward salvation let questions arise, but never doubts.
* Avoid rush and haste and uncontrolled words. Divine light develops in places of peace and quiet.
* Serve with all your heart, might, mind, and strength.
* Be grateful for every opportunity to serve.
* Realize when you are asked to sacrifice that Heavenly Father wants to give you something better.

(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Monday, December 6, 2010

oh i forgot.‏

Erin is doing well by the way we were able to get her to church yesterday and she came and watched the Christmas devotional with us at the Rossiters who have been super helpful.

"The other day...I met a bear."‏

My first week in Ashtabula has been pretty good. I'm enjoying driving the truck because the area desperately needs with all the driving we end up doing which is kinda obnoxious. but oh well. Nothing really superb has been going on ummm... a lot of people that we talk to when we ask them when can we stop by again say yes but after the holidays which is slightly unhelpful.

Speaking of one of those people but it was kind of a weird experience. Elder Helton and I were just stopping by some potentials in Jefferson, Ohio which is right underneath Ashtabula. The potentials failed but while we were leaving the housing complex we saw an old lady sitting in her car trying to back out back on the road. But when she saw us she waved us down and then for like the next two minutes tried very frantically to role down her window. Eventually me and Elder Helton started giggling because it was taking so long. She turned her car off and then on and then off and then back on trying to get the window down. Eventually she gave up and opened her door. She told us that she was lost and couldn't find her way back home. She was worried that the cops were going to the throw her in jail because she's not allowed to drive at night. We told her they wouldn't throw her in jail over that but we have a GPS so we would help her find her way home. When we did she invited us in and just jabbered about how lost she was for a little while longer but eventually we got her talking about herself found out her name is Regina Kaiser and was from Germany during the war also catholic. That was cool. But then we had to go and that's about it. We're going to stop by her again later. It was a random but pretty interesting talking to her.

The snow isn't too bad here yet but there is quite a bit of it now. The members say it gets a lot worse. I'm kinda excited to see what worse is.

Lets see we also started teaching this guy named Shirrad who is kinda skeptical but I have some faith in him. He's a nice guy.

Anyway I don't have anything else. Love you all. Ttyl.

Monday, November 29, 2010

District Leader

Lance didn't mention it in his e-mail, although he wrote in his letter home this week, "I am District Leader now which is cool but slightly uncomfortable."

Elder Sumsion's new address

Elder Lance Orland Sumsion
1636 E. 29th St.
Ashtabula, OH 44004

Driving a Truck.‏

Well as I said last week I was being transferred again. My knew area is Ashtabula, Ohio. In the Youngstown Zone again like with New Castle. Ashtabula is at the very most North-Eastern Corner as my mission can get. My companion is Elder Helton from Winatchee, Washington. This is only his second transfer in his mission. So I'm his Greenie Breaker because his Trainer Elder Thornton went back home to Idaho. With Elder Cardenaz...Tear shed for those lost. I also get to drive a truck because this area is very icy.

Its been a crazy transfer week I would have to say. Elder Gullerud and I were sad to leave each other but I was excited to see the changes that were going to happen in the mission. Getting called to Ashtabula has been an experience. Elder Helton and I have sadly been required to do a lot of driving because of our crazy appointment times and people needing service. The coolest thing about being called here was that one of the Investigators that Elder Gullerud and I started teaching over in Ashland originally (Erin Hemphill) comes from this area and she was planning on going and visiting her grandmother up here. So we've been working with her a little bit so she doesn't lose the beginnings of her testimony while she's away from the Elders in Ashland. So me being called here is just one of those interesting ways that Heavenly Father remains anonymous. It was also a rather crazy first day of church, Elder Helton and I were asked to speak in sacrament, then we taught gospel principles, and then the Elders Quorum President asked us to teach the restoration during priesthood. That was pretty intense.

Well I need to get off so I love you all.

My address is
Elder Lance Orland Sumsion
1636 E. 29th St.
Ashtabula, OH 44004

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"But I'm not Bitter!" (*)<~John Bytheway‏

Well a lot of crazy things have been going on here in Ashland. First off last Tuesday I went on an exchange with one of the Spanish Elders that I go home with. His name is Elder Rasmussen he is a stud. He's from Roosevelt, Utah and I saw him in the MTC but I left before him because I'm English. Also funny story Elder Brett Huntington was in the same Branch as him in the MTC after I left so he knows him. On our exchange some really cool things happened we were able to get a new investigator named Michael (but he's already dropped us which is sad but oh well we did clear up quite a bit of rumors).
Later that day after dinner with the Kellys we had the chance to give Erin's Hemphills mom a blessing because of some family stress. We're not teaching her yet but she likes the church which is a plus.
Then we were blessed with another new investigator named Ashley. She's an almost daughter-in-law to a member in the branch and we've started working with them. That was the exchange it was a really good one and very busy we didn't get in till decently late for a missionary.
Sadly Bill Beck also dropped us this week. He's just not wanting to change right now, he's a wonderful person though.
But we have been able to teach some wonderful less-actives that were really nice and gave us some yummy sandwich's. Speaking of sandwich's the Cook family in the branch. Bro. Cook makes this amazing sandwich with dip that I nearly gave up the ghost while eating it because it was so tasty!
The best part was we were also blessed with another new investigator named Ricky Moore. He's Erin's fiance and he's really sharp and pretty solid.
And with all these new investigators 3 of them came to church which was totally awesome.
But...I'm being transferred tomorrow again... Elder Gullerud and I were very surprised about that one, especially because this would be my second in a row one transfer area. I kinda love this area a lot a lot but Heavenly Father has some other plans. I am so grateful for being sent here though I'm pretty sure I know why which is kinda cool seeing how I can bless the lives of people with service.
Anyway I love you all. If you want to send me anything right now the address is:
(*)2070 W. 117th St.
Cleveland, OH 44111
That's the mission office address and they can forward it from there but also you can just wait until next week when I have my new address.

Well I love you all and Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Conference's. My Dad and Kent get brownie points and Teri gets a brownie!‏

After e-mailing last week I was able to get my hair-cut finally because it was kind of needed with all the times I'd be seeing President this week and it was bothering me so my hair is super short again. Sis. McNeely gave both of us hair-cuts.
Then I went to Dinner at the Millers after all the P-Day stuff was done. They're pretty cool, Bro. Miller use to be Amish and then he left and eventually met his Mormon wife. He's got a pretty epic work ethic.
Lastly we had an appointment with Erin and Tasha, which was good our next appointment with them this week though Tasha wasn't able to come because of some family troubles. But the most awesome thing that happened with Erin was that we were able to get Erin to Young Women's on Wednesday and Stake Conference on Sunday which was great cause Elder Gullerud and I have not been able to get anyone to church in this area since I arrived so that was a blessing. Heavenly Father really wanted her to go, first we needed a ride for her and ourselves and that was taking care of by an awesomely thoughtful member. Then we had to commit her to it a bunch of times but she eventually said yes. Finally a member gave us a random sprite which helped Erin cause she gets car sick. It all worked out just Dandy.
Zone Conference was on Wednesday and the coolest thing that happened there was the spirit. But also they gave us new phone and texting which is awesome. It felt good to send a text message after so long of not doing so. That's been rather convenient sending a text to Erin yesterday also woke her up so its wonderful. Zone conference was really helpful though.
Friday was great, we took a peek in a cool antique shop real quick in a tiny, tiny town called Sullivan. Got a couple potentials and was able to have Dinner with the Patalon family which was really fun. They're very good people.
Stake Conference was fun I was glad to see some of the members of the Akron Ward there and the speakers were excellent. One of them is the new temple President of the Columbus Temple. Then there was a singles branch luncheon that we were invited too and it worked out well cause i was hungry.
Anyway Ta Ta love you all.
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lance's current address

Elder Lance Sumsion
325 A Hillcrest Dr.
Ashland, OH 44805

"I'm always in your shadow Kakorot!" ~Name the character and you get brownie points, heck even if you name the show.‏

Brrr. Its been getting quite cold here, like i swear i can feel the wind blow through my skinny legs. It's awesome though, at transfer meeting i was hoping I'd get put in Cleveland or Kirtland zone so i could be right by lake Erie and understand the true meaning of being cold in the mistake by the lake. Cleveland is so awesomely ghetto. But as it is I'm about 60 miles away from the lake which is still freezing. But I'm pretty good on the warm stuff. the problem is i don't want to wear all the warm stuff because when the sun comes out it gets decently hot to wear i don't like wearing my coat. But i got free boots that an Elder left behind i just had to go by a better insole for it. It has snowed a little bit out here but it hasn't stuck yet. Tracting in the cold is fun though once you get over that first part.
This week Erin and Tasha have been going pretty well progression wise. We still weren't able to get them church though because they had to go to PA for some reason. Eh. Stake conference is next week so hopefully they'll want to go to that. I'm super excited to see some of the Akron Ward again though. Bro. Bob Davis is coming along well, he just needs a little simplification so he can pace himself but he's been wonderful to meet with. Other than that one of our investigators i think is digressing cause he canceled an appointment when we got there and doesn't have much enthusiasm. But yesterday we finally got the ward mission process which is something awesome that The lord, and the apostles came up with to help bring the less actives back to the fold and from that missionaries also get potential investigators and that's what happened at church yesterday. A less active showed up to church on that list with her non-member almost daughter in law so me and Elder Gullerud just taught a first lesson for our new member class. That was wonderful and awesome.
Anyway don't have much else to say. Love you all

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bleh!!!! I'm a ghost!!!‏

This week was actually a pretty good one. Right after e-mailing last Monday i wailed on my district at monopoly so that was awesome. But I'm not prideful I swear. On Tuesday we were able to have the AP's come to our district meeting which was great. I've been on an exchange with one of them Elder Farmer and that was just a good one. Plus the DMeeting was super good too. Afterwards i met some of the Wooster ward. Both AP's had served there so they wanted to say hi to the members they helped baptize or found while tracting. They were some really nice people. Also on Tuesday Elder Gullerud and I were just stopping by a Less-Active/Part Member home and ended up talking to the Non-member father about the church Bro. Bob Davis. He's a fun guy to talk to, absolutely loves asking questions and wants to strengthen his marriage with his wife. He sees the religion difference being a slight problem because every time they talk about it something contentious kinda happens. So he want's to talk with us which is awesome. We had another appointment later on that was just kinda like the first. It was really good I'd have to say. Bill Beck has been coming along as well, we committed him to baptism on the 18th of December and then the conversation turned into the W.O.Wisdom. He's got a pretty bad smoking habit that makes it kinda hard to be there because it's so bad. So we're working on that and he loves to feel the spirit which is a bonus. Erin and Tasha are coming along good as well, Erin is super sharp and just kinda gets the gospel. Tasha I think gets it but I think she's been hurt in the past about something, so progressing for her requires quite a bit o' faith. I think she'll be fine though, Sis. Kelly comes out with us when we go and she is just awesome. Last night we were at the Bentons and Bro. Benton is super funny. Everything about him screams I'm a Man. He's got a very low deep and booming voice. He was in the military for something plus years. He's got a soft heart for family but its funny the comments he makes. We listened to him for a while last night and were just laughing our faces off.

Anywho, love you guys.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Monday, October 25, 2010

"I'm Elder (Censor) and I rebuke you in the name of dilligence."‏

Been having a pretty fun week over here in Ashland. Last Monday had some pretty dang tasty rice and chicken with some scrumptious broth at a members house. Tuesday i went to Wooster (Not like the chicken but like wusster) it was cool cause Elder Cardenaz spent six months there. We had district meeting and after that Elder Gullerud and I did some stop-by's. Wednesday i killed a spider by the branch building and felt it crunch beneath my shoe and that was rather unsettlingly gross. We also got a new investigator that day which was awesome. Her name is Erin and she's nineteen she also has a moderately interested step-sister named Tasha which is awesome. Thursday we were blessed with another new investigator named Bill. He's super nice and likes cats. Saturday we were able to go to a branch Halloween party. It was pretty awesome and had a lot of Halloween themed food. The coolest part about it is they had a small hike lit up entirely by tiki torches and that was pretty cool to take a walk up. But then we had to go or we would have turned into pumpkins at curfew. Did a little bit over two hours of tr acting yesterday after church.

We've had a lot of cool things happening this week. Oh and the quote at the beginning came from a previous ap of this mission that i have never met but all the elders in the mission quote him.

(*)<~Love you

Monday, October 18, 2010

I swear I'm almost in one of my favorite Disney movies.‏

Well I ended up in the tiny town of Ashland, Ohio. I'm back in the Akron Stake/Zone. It was really cool cause I had to go back to Fairlawn's apartment to get my comp. and car. I drove down from the transfer meeting with one of my favorite missionaries Elder Richardson with his greenieboy. At the transfer meeting Elder Parker was having his very last one so I was grateful to be able to say good bye to him. Very much Amish country and lots of farmland. I'm pretty sure I'm as close to Columbus, Ohio as I can get. It's as the middle bottom of my mission. Also it literally feels like I'm in the Disney movie Halloweentown with all the just gorgeous trees round about me, small town feel to it and Halloween decorations everywhereish. It might just be that it's almost Halloween but I'm so feeling like there is gonna be walking goblins and friendly floating ghosts around the corner. It's super surreal.

My new companion is Elder Gullerud from Corvallis, Oregon (near Eugene). He's a little bit like Blake Jenkins kinda like Elder Decker was like Ben Howarth. I pretty much love working with him. Except all we can do is tract all the time because they just baptized the only real investigator. But eh. I'm having fun with it. Nice people in this place and plus it's shaped like a wagon wheel. It's a really nice place.

By the way if anybody was to come to Ohio. Mid-October with the changing leaves is just absolutely b-e-a-utiful. Well love you all.

(*)<~My address is:
Elder Lance Sumsion
325 A Hillcrest Dr.
Ashland, OH 44805

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I've got a surprise for you!‏

It has been quite a different week I would say. The best thing that happened this week was a lesson that we had with the new investigator Ella May. She's a widow that lives down in Ellwood City near the edge of our area. We went there on Friday to go and see how her Book of Mormon reading was going because we've stopped by there a little bit but nothing seemed to be able to make her an investigator. Well we stopped by and ended up talking about prophets a lot and eventually she started wondering where they had all gone. Then we told her about the restoration and she was really accepting it quite well. Near the end of the lesson both Elder Decker and I felt we needed to extend the Bap. Commitment. When I did it she got this horrified look on her face and said "But I've already been baptized!?!?" Then Elder Decker followed up beautifully with the need for authority and gave it to her again. The spirit was there so she said yes, don't have a date for her yet but we were planning on doing that next time.

Sadly Stacy wasn't baptized because she wasn't able to get permission from her husband. Although Stacy is already so solid it's just a matter of time. Aric wasn't able to be baptized either.

Last night i watched a slide-show to a talk that was done years ago at a BYU thingy. The talk is called Unleashing the Dormant Spirit by a seventy in 95' named Elder F. Enzio Busche. It was REALLY good. I loved it. The thing I watched made the talk even better, you might be able to find it on You Tube.

Well, the surprise is that my companion Elder Decker is training a new missionary this upcoming transfer. So tomorrow the 13th I'm being transferred out of New Castle. I don't know where I'm going yet so if you've got any letters hold off on sending them. Don't worry if you've already sent some. Elder Decker said he would forward them for me.

Love you all!
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mormon Message‏

Hey the Mormon message for Stacy Miles is on Something about puzzle pieces. At one point you see one of the Recent Converts Dave Andress bend down and come back up during church. Well I'm sitting right next to him.

Its Cold! And only like 50-60 degrees!‏

This week went quite well I think. Not totally sure what to say about it. I had interviews with Pres. and that went well. He bought us yummy Ice Cream. Ummm….Well conference was really awesome. A lot of talks about following the Prophet and stuff like that but I guess following the prophet is an all consuming subject because if you follow Pres. Monson's words and example exactly I'm pretty sure your good with getting Eternal Life. But anyways my favorite talks were the talks on showing gratitude by Elder Holland and Pres. Monson they were super...gracious. But I'm gonna have to say my very favorite was during the priesthood session where the British seventy talked about not being rebellious. Loved it a lot, his accent just made it ten times better.

OH! Stacy Macri could use some prayers to soften a heart so she can be baptized this weekend, as well as Aric Ross. So if you could pray and even throw their names in the temple that would be awesome.

Other than that its just bone chillingly cold and wet, I think also because of the after effects of some hurricane but I'm not totally sure. Love you all and thank you for your prayers.

(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Monday, September 27, 2010

This library has a pet cat that just wanders around all over the place.‏

This week was pretty fun. On Tuesday Elder Decker and I literally reaped with our might using a sickle on some corn, very scratchy stuff and tons of spiders and ants. Thursday and Friday because of a leadership training meeting I ended up in Warren, Ohio in a triple up with Elder Barlow and Elder Hollingsworth (His brother went to this same mission 5 years ago). They're some very impressive newer Elders, especially when we ended up talking with some Jehovah's Witness' that just wouldn't anything and kept saying John Smith very irritating. There is a lot in that area, apparently there is 2 Kingdom Halls. But I had a good time in that area, some very wonderful members and just nice people. On Sunday we finally got a new investigator, Elder Decker and I have been trying to build our teaching pool since I got here and now we finally have. Her name is Becki and she's a friend of a Less-Active family in the ward. She recently loss her husband so we're doing our best to teach the plan. Really wonderful person though and if she starts coming to church I bet the less-active family will be more willing to come.

I'm pretty much stoked for General Conference.

Um...this morning a member dropped by and showed us that a cat had dropped a dead mole on our doorstep. Elder Decker thinks that this cat has been treated to kindly by previous Elders because it's always hanging around. One time the Elder that I replaced in the area got up from praying and saw the cat on his bed just staring at him.

Happy Birthday Mom.
Love you all (*)<~Elder Sumsion

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bleh! A Ghost!‏

I didn't actually see a ghost this week but the library I'm in right now is particularly old and creepy plus I saw a lot of books on witches. Today I'm having p-day in Lisbon, Ohio which is the area with the little bit of West Virginia in it. So I'm pretty close to that state right now. This week a couple of the doors have been pretty good this week one door the guy got up out of his chair and while he was walking towards the door we both said Hi! Then he slammed it right in our faces. Another lady last night asked us through the door who we were and when we said missionaries she slowly got out of her chair and came to the door. When she opened the door immediately yelled at us saying "YOU BOYS GOT SOME NERVE KNOCKING ON MY DOOR THIS LATE AT NIGHT, I DON'T WANNA LISTEN TO A WORD YOU'VE GOT TO SAY!" SLAM* I giggled for a little while leaving those doorsteps. But honestly most people are really cordial. Talked to a potential that believes in Wicca for like a half-hour plus we talked to some old lady who just wanted someone to talk too. She started crying when we were leaving and I was pretty touched. Its been a pretty good week I'd say. I have defiantly seen how the lord puts us places at the right time and we have been able to help people while being there.

Well I gotta hurry up and finish this survey the church wants me to do so love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sump.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I mowed my lawn this morning.

This past few days has been alright I think I'm finally getting the hang of my new area. Well we had a good appointment with Aric Ross. We basically just kept bringing up that you need to make that leap of faith for baptism. But he wasn't at church yesterday and had a small W.O.W. problem so his date is gonna have to be pushed back. Stacy Macri is doing well, she's very submissive to pretty much everything we ask her to do. Like we asked her to fast yesterday to receive a couple answers to questions she's been having, like a conformation that the B.O.M. is true. Haven't talked to her since she left church yesterday though to see how it went. I think she'll be all ready to be baptized next weekend though. Maria (Laurenza?) fed us and a 93 year old member named Tony yesterday. That was nice, she's very Italian. The Branch President here Pres. Lunnen is very much a go getter kind of guy. I really like him, ummm also Bro. Gould who delivers the paper to most the county. He's really great and loves telling stories especially about previous missionaries and history of something.

Nothing much else really going on. I think most of my zone is going golfing today so I'm e-mailing in Youngstown, Ohio's library. Fun fact about Youngstown is that it was the 2 time winning murder capital of the world (or probably nation) in i think it was 2002 and 2003. Something like that. But anyway there was this really cool shirt that had a couple of guns crossing each other. The catch phrase was "Come heavy or don't come at all." I wanted that shirt so bad but my comp. said the place that sold them went out of business. On the plus side I got this awesome yellow shirt that says Mormon Helping Hands.

Anyway love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Castle, Pennsylvania!‏

Hi everyone, I was transferred to the only area in my mission that is nothing but Pennsylvania. It's a little weird their is a decent amount of Italian people here. The first lesson I taught was to 2 Italians in a Chinese restaurant. I thought that was a little odd. Lots of Steelers fans over here. Getting transferred is weird and quite an adjustment though. But I think it's going pretty well but I'm definitely not used to being in a Branch unless it’s a singles branch but this is so very different. Elder Decker my new companion has been great taking over the area for the past few days while I've been trying to figure out whats going on and such. There are some really nice and neat members out here and the investigators are wonderful and nice. I was able to buy a bike from an Elder that just went home so I have a bike now its just not as good as my last one. On Monday the mission had this thing called Zoned out where half the mission gets together and does p-day activities also a small competition (Which my zone so totally dominated at). This area has a couple baptisms coming up. One we're not sure of but the other Elder Decker thinks will work out. Oh yeah and now I have a car and I'm the driver. I live as far east from the Mission home that you can go.

Well I love you all. : )

(*)<~Elder Sumsion

My new address is:

Elder Lance Sumsion
1603 Huron Ave. Apt. R
New Castle, PA 16101

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Elder Sumsion's new address

Elder Sumsion
1603 Huron Ave. Apt. R
Newcastle, PA 16101

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm being transferred tomorrow. Don't know where yet but it won't be in the Akron Zone.

What a crazy week it has been. Lots and lots of up and down days. Had a pretty good p-day last Monday and it was going well until I started being myself and kind of aggravated my ankle injury again. It's all good now though I just had to be extra careful with it. Tuesday was wonderful, everything me and Elder Parker did seemed to just work out perfectly and even better than what we had planned. All of the appointments were just great and it just fit into place like the right puzzle piece. On Wednesday it wasn't too bad, we had to have district meeting that day because of problems with the other companionship doing it Tuesday. Then I worked in Barberton with Elder Rasmusen who's leaving this week. Thursday I ended up in Medina on exchanges and that was pretty good, Elder Adams is a good missionary. I also really like Medina its a quiet and rather beautiful little town. Friday was hard, because when Elder Adams dropped me off to pick up Elder EgoAvil we noticed that a ninja had stolen Elder Parkers, Elder Richardsons and My bike. I say Ninja because the person or persons that would've done it. Would have physically had to climb 3 stories up and then somehow lower 3 bikes down. I also have some suspicions of the neighbors and maybe some of the apartment staff. But whatever there's nothing I can do about it that I already haven't done. That was pretty discouraging though and caused me to be a little bitter throughout the day. Saturday was goodish but i was still down about the bikes although we had some really good member visits that day. We also found out that my companion Elder Parker is Training a greenie his last transfer. Sunday saying goodbye to Elder Rasmusen was bittersweet. He had to leave early so he could do some tests at the Cleveland Clinic for a personal illness. But it has been really fun working in a triple up the past few days. Yesterday Elder Richardson and I were in a triple up with Elder Fernandez while Elder Parker went to training meeting. We both learned a lot from him, the mission has truly changed him. Although we kind of got in a fight with this lady on her doorstep, all of the sudden the conversation went way downhill and I said we had to leave now.

Well I love you all. You'll find out next week what my new address is.

(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Monday, August 23, 2010

My watch just beeped. It's 11 o' Clock!‏

This week we had some on and off days, Monday night we weren't able to do anything, Tuesday actually went quite well we were able to see everyone we had planned to see the night before plus district meeting was very spirit filled. Wednesday the potential we were hoping to make an investigator fell through sadly but hopefully we'll be able to try again. Thursday was much like Tuesday and everything we had planned worked out well plus I learned a funny thing at the member dinner. The next aethiest I meet I'm supposed to ask them to think of the most important thing in their life. Then ask them to pray with all their might for God to take that thing away from them. I learned that from a member in the ward, I thought it was pretty funny and smart but I'll let the spirit decide if I actually say that to an aethiest. Friday was much like Wednesday in the fact that everything fell through so we tracked for 2 hours. A lot of walking on Saturday and Sunday but the bonus to Sunday was church plus a pretty good appointment later that night.

Well love you all, I can't think of much else to say. Oh wait except I might get transferred on September 1st but I won't be able to tell anyone until August 31st (Tuesday next week). So if your planning on sending me a letter and you don't think it will be here by August 31st then either send it to the mission home or just wait. So yep. Loove you all.

(*)<~Elder Sinspin

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Try combining the words Platupus and Octopus." ~Elder Clayson

Had a pretty good week. It was rather hot and humid most of it. Wednesday was my last Zone Conference for a couple transfers after wards I had exchanges with Elder EgoAvil from Lima,Peru but lived in Georgia 5 years before his mission,(also known as Elder Eggowaffle or Pop-Tart) he's great, really trying to learn english better than most people. Its just difficult when he talks sometimes because he tries to use big words that we sometimes don't even understand because of his accent. Although when he's teaching he's great and I can understand everything he says my guess is the spirit helps him out in miraculous ways. We finally got back in contact with Taylor this week! Had a good lesson with her on Thursday, she said she would be at church but sadly we did all we could but she wasn't there. Friday me and Elder Parker did almost no bus and all biking. I was sweating up a stream and he was more like a waterfall although we met this nice lady named Susan who use to work with a member over in Talmage. She gave us water with ice and even gave me a better water bottle than the one I had. So we gave her a B.O.M. and a restoration pamphlet and we'll follow up with her sometime later. Sunday Darlene Craig was able to make it to church and later on we found a potential named Germaine that I have high hopes for. OH! And at church I met a member named Newsly or Noosely Phillips? She's actually going with Amanda to China. So that was a small Mormon world thingy for ya. My ankle is doing a lot better, it gets back to normalish a lot quicker when I overwork it. I still can run, hop, skip, jump, push myself to much faster on the bike (like my usual self). But i can walk and bike so I'm good now.

Anyway love you all.

(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Monday, August 9, 2010

Stupid Ankle-Yay for Bap. Date!‏

Another roughish week with the injured ankle. It felt like it got worse this week and then better but once I started working with it. It would just go back to being painful so I've just been doing my best at what everyone tells me compression, elevation, and hot/cold therapy. Anyway that has been trying my patience this week and making me feel like an un-diligent missionary. I think it'll be done being annoying this week. What we were able to do this week was wonderful though. Elder Parker and I finally got Darlene Craig to commit to baptism!!! Missionaries from Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland have been working with her for a long time. I still don't think she's totally ready yet but the date is set for Oct. 30th so I think that is far enough in the future to get anything cleared up. Hopefully we can even move it earlier. Other than that an appointment with Miss. Zelma Kennerly that went well and a few RCLA's we haven't been able to do much this week without me needing to give my ankle some relaxing time.

I don't know what else to say but Congratulations Jake and Cassi! Um, I heard a really good talk about "the Plan of Salvation and not the plan of damnation." Really quite amazing talk has a lot of comforting hope messages within it. Its by Elder John(or Tom) Lund talks also about the myth of perfectionism. But its really really good. Also the conversion story of a guy named Bill Carpenter and then his mission in Iowa.

Love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm 20! To bad my age made me a Gimp.‏

Well last p-day right after E-mailing we were playing basketball and an Elder with really long legs took a step and I tripped clean over him and land on my back. I quickly said I'm good, then when we were playing the next game I pretty much turned my right foot sideways and injured it pretty badly. It looked like I had a foot tumor when it was swollen up all around the ankle. So this week we tried to take it easy. Later that night we were not planning on going out but we ended up doing so because we had already missed an appointment with this new investigator and we didn't want to miss another without having the abilty to call them. So I hobbled over there and we taught just the book of mormon/restoration. We could finally count LaTosha as a new investigator after that. Tuesday we just took it easy so my foot could try to heal it was realllllly boring. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we went out working with the help of Bro. Jeffries who goes out with us all the time. On Saturday we did a decent amount of tracting and had a small birthday party at the member dinner for E. Rasmussen and Harry Potter. I think I overworked my foot that day because at church on Sunday my foot was not being happy. It seemed to dislike every position it was in unless it was on a pillow being elevated. I had a good birthday though, the members that fed us that night gave me a small party too.

And thanks everyone who helped my mom with the tape thingy. It was very much appreciated.

Anyway don't worry about me foot. It'll get better soon enough.

(20*)<~Elder Lance the Pants

Monday, July 26, 2010

Neighbors Helping Neighbors-The Neighborly Thing to Do.

This week has probably been the biggest change for me in the mission so far but its been pretty good though. Elder Cardenaz was sent to Defiance,Ohio right near the border of Michigan and Indiana. Elder Perkins from the Barberton Area right below us was sent to Holland near Toledo. My new companion is Elder Parker from Salt Lake. He used to work up near Cleveland and he goes home in October. Elder Richardson a greenie from Woodscross replaced E. Perkins. Its probably gonna be twice as weird when I get transferred out. The change has been good though.
The week started out with high hopes with a potential named Dwayne but sadly we haven't been able to get in contact with him all this week. Taylor is still not progressing, I'm thinking we just need to have a ride for her so she can stop relying on her mom who doesn't seem interested. We're still working with her been talking about the Strength of the Youth because I think she really needs that to keep up with the high standards of the church. Hopefully we can see some progression in her soon or we might have to drop her...Miss. Zelma Kennerly is progressing a little bit, I don't know if she leave her current church right now but she is learning I think. Darlene Craig is doing better she committed herself to start living the word of wisdom slowly that was pretty cool.
On Saturday the Elders and a lot of the ward members went and did this thing called Paint your heart out. With members of other faiths we go and just paint peoples houses in Barberton who could use the help. I had a really good time doing that, got paint all over me. The title of this e-mail comes from the free shirts we were given. Its what it said on the back of it. I thought it was really dorky.
Otherwise since E. Cardenaz has been gone I get lost a lot around town. But eh...I'm figuring it out.
Love you all.
(*)< Elder Sumsion

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dun Dun Dun Transfers-New companion tomorrow.‏

Well as you can see by my title. Elder Cardenaz my trainer is getting transferred tomorrow so I'll be getting a new companion. Also Elder Perkins is getting the boot somewhere else in the mission. So its gonna be a little different with two new people in my district and ward. New people is cool though but I'm gonna missem. By the way I don't think I'll be transferred until the beginning of September or if not that the middle of October.

This week doesn't look all that great but its all good. We got flamed a few times and appointments were canceled but I wasn't discouraged very much I think. Can't remember much. Taylor isn't progressing like at all right now. A lot of the appointments we've had recently are almost near impossible to bring the spirit because of all the distractions. Yesterday was especially unhelpful because her cousins were there and a couple of them weren't taking it seriously at all. In the end of it I committed her to read the strength of youth because she told us a couple things that really proved to me how much she needed to read that. We're gonna go over it with her next time. Also she has been to church once this month so that has been detrimental to her progression. But she is still a wonderful person just needs to keep progressing. Last night we had a nice stop by with a college student name Dwayne. We taught the first lesson and he accepted it pretty well so hopefully we can change him from potential to investigator soon. He's great though. Darlene Craig has been sick so we missed her this week. Miss. Kennerly was committed to pray and ask if god has a body and is not just a personage of spirit. I think the thing that helped me not be discouraged this week though was the wonderful district meetings we've been having. The Elders and Sisters in this district do a great job of involving the spirit in those meetings.

Everyone here is in a funny uproar about LeBron.

OH! And I forgot to tell everyone that i might be in a Mormon message coming out in a few months about a man named Stacey Miles. The church sent their camera guys to our ward and filmed during church. So you might see me in the background (hopefully very much not asleep).

Love you all!
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mission pictures

Here's some pictures Lance sent home!~

If you've lost his current address its
429 N. Hawkins Ave. Apt.#307
Akron, Ohio 44313