Monday, August 16, 2010

"Try combining the words Platupus and Octopus." ~Elder Clayson

Had a pretty good week. It was rather hot and humid most of it. Wednesday was my last Zone Conference for a couple transfers after wards I had exchanges with Elder EgoAvil from Lima,Peru but lived in Georgia 5 years before his mission,(also known as Elder Eggowaffle or Pop-Tart) he's great, really trying to learn english better than most people. Its just difficult when he talks sometimes because he tries to use big words that we sometimes don't even understand because of his accent. Although when he's teaching he's great and I can understand everything he says my guess is the spirit helps him out in miraculous ways. We finally got back in contact with Taylor this week! Had a good lesson with her on Thursday, she said she would be at church but sadly we did all we could but she wasn't there. Friday me and Elder Parker did almost no bus and all biking. I was sweating up a stream and he was more like a waterfall although we met this nice lady named Susan who use to work with a member over in Talmage. She gave us water with ice and even gave me a better water bottle than the one I had. So we gave her a B.O.M. and a restoration pamphlet and we'll follow up with her sometime later. Sunday Darlene Craig was able to make it to church and later on we found a potential named Germaine that I have high hopes for. OH! And at church I met a member named Newsly or Noosely Phillips? She's actually going with Amanda to China. So that was a small Mormon world thingy for ya. My ankle is doing a lot better, it gets back to normalish a lot quicker when I overwork it. I still can run, hop, skip, jump, push myself to much faster on the bike (like my usual self). But i can walk and bike so I'm good now.

Anyway love you all.

(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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