Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm 20! To bad my age made me a Gimp.‏

Well last p-day right after E-mailing we were playing basketball and an Elder with really long legs took a step and I tripped clean over him and land on my back. I quickly said I'm good, then when we were playing the next game I pretty much turned my right foot sideways and injured it pretty badly. It looked like I had a foot tumor when it was swollen up all around the ankle. So this week we tried to take it easy. Later that night we were not planning on going out but we ended up doing so because we had already missed an appointment with this new investigator and we didn't want to miss another without having the abilty to call them. So I hobbled over there and we taught just the book of mormon/restoration. We could finally count LaTosha as a new investigator after that. Tuesday we just took it easy so my foot could try to heal it was realllllly boring. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we went out working with the help of Bro. Jeffries who goes out with us all the time. On Saturday we did a decent amount of tracting and had a small birthday party at the member dinner for E. Rasmussen and Harry Potter. I think I overworked my foot that day because at church on Sunday my foot was not being happy. It seemed to dislike every position it was in unless it was on a pillow being elevated. I had a good birthday though, the members that fed us that night gave me a small party too.

And thanks everyone who helped my mom with the tape thingy. It was very much appreciated.

Anyway don't worry about me foot. It'll get better soon enough.

(20*)<~Elder Lance the Pants

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