Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm being transferred tomorrow. Don't know where yet but it won't be in the Akron Zone.

What a crazy week it has been. Lots and lots of up and down days. Had a pretty good p-day last Monday and it was going well until I started being myself and kind of aggravated my ankle injury again. It's all good now though I just had to be extra careful with it. Tuesday was wonderful, everything me and Elder Parker did seemed to just work out perfectly and even better than what we had planned. All of the appointments were just great and it just fit into place like the right puzzle piece. On Wednesday it wasn't too bad, we had to have district meeting that day because of problems with the other companionship doing it Tuesday. Then I worked in Barberton with Elder Rasmusen who's leaving this week. Thursday I ended up in Medina on exchanges and that was pretty good, Elder Adams is a good missionary. I also really like Medina its a quiet and rather beautiful little town. Friday was hard, because when Elder Adams dropped me off to pick up Elder EgoAvil we noticed that a ninja had stolen Elder Parkers, Elder Richardsons and My bike. I say Ninja because the person or persons that would've done it. Would have physically had to climb 3 stories up and then somehow lower 3 bikes down. I also have some suspicions of the neighbors and maybe some of the apartment staff. But whatever there's nothing I can do about it that I already haven't done. That was pretty discouraging though and caused me to be a little bitter throughout the day. Saturday was goodish but i was still down about the bikes although we had some really good member visits that day. We also found out that my companion Elder Parker is Training a greenie his last transfer. Sunday saying goodbye to Elder Rasmusen was bittersweet. He had to leave early so he could do some tests at the Cleveland Clinic for a personal illness. But it has been really fun working in a triple up the past few days. Yesterday Elder Richardson and I were in a triple up with Elder Fernandez while Elder Parker went to training meeting. We both learned a lot from him, the mission has truly changed him. Although we kind of got in a fight with this lady on her doorstep, all of the sudden the conversation went way downhill and I said we had to leave now.

Well I love you all. You'll find out next week what my new address is.

(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Monday, August 23, 2010

My watch just beeped. It's 11 o' Clock!‏

This week we had some on and off days, Monday night we weren't able to do anything, Tuesday actually went quite well we were able to see everyone we had planned to see the night before plus district meeting was very spirit filled. Wednesday the potential we were hoping to make an investigator fell through sadly but hopefully we'll be able to try again. Thursday was much like Tuesday and everything we had planned worked out well plus I learned a funny thing at the member dinner. The next aethiest I meet I'm supposed to ask them to think of the most important thing in their life. Then ask them to pray with all their might for God to take that thing away from them. I learned that from a member in the ward, I thought it was pretty funny and smart but I'll let the spirit decide if I actually say that to an aethiest. Friday was much like Wednesday in the fact that everything fell through so we tracked for 2 hours. A lot of walking on Saturday and Sunday but the bonus to Sunday was church plus a pretty good appointment later that night.

Well love you all, I can't think of much else to say. Oh wait except I might get transferred on September 1st but I won't be able to tell anyone until August 31st (Tuesday next week). So if your planning on sending me a letter and you don't think it will be here by August 31st then either send it to the mission home or just wait. So yep. Loove you all.

(*)<~Elder Sinspin

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Try combining the words Platupus and Octopus." ~Elder Clayson

Had a pretty good week. It was rather hot and humid most of it. Wednesday was my last Zone Conference for a couple transfers after wards I had exchanges with Elder EgoAvil from Lima,Peru but lived in Georgia 5 years before his mission,(also known as Elder Eggowaffle or Pop-Tart) he's great, really trying to learn english better than most people. Its just difficult when he talks sometimes because he tries to use big words that we sometimes don't even understand because of his accent. Although when he's teaching he's great and I can understand everything he says my guess is the spirit helps him out in miraculous ways. We finally got back in contact with Taylor this week! Had a good lesson with her on Thursday, she said she would be at church but sadly we did all we could but she wasn't there. Friday me and Elder Parker did almost no bus and all biking. I was sweating up a stream and he was more like a waterfall although we met this nice lady named Susan who use to work with a member over in Talmage. She gave us water with ice and even gave me a better water bottle than the one I had. So we gave her a B.O.M. and a restoration pamphlet and we'll follow up with her sometime later. Sunday Darlene Craig was able to make it to church and later on we found a potential named Germaine that I have high hopes for. OH! And at church I met a member named Newsly or Noosely Phillips? She's actually going with Amanda to China. So that was a small Mormon world thingy for ya. My ankle is doing a lot better, it gets back to normalish a lot quicker when I overwork it. I still can run, hop, skip, jump, push myself to much faster on the bike (like my usual self). But i can walk and bike so I'm good now.

Anyway love you all.

(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Monday, August 9, 2010

Stupid Ankle-Yay for Bap. Date!‏

Another roughish week with the injured ankle. It felt like it got worse this week and then better but once I started working with it. It would just go back to being painful so I've just been doing my best at what everyone tells me compression, elevation, and hot/cold therapy. Anyway that has been trying my patience this week and making me feel like an un-diligent missionary. I think it'll be done being annoying this week. What we were able to do this week was wonderful though. Elder Parker and I finally got Darlene Craig to commit to baptism!!! Missionaries from Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland have been working with her for a long time. I still don't think she's totally ready yet but the date is set for Oct. 30th so I think that is far enough in the future to get anything cleared up. Hopefully we can even move it earlier. Other than that an appointment with Miss. Zelma Kennerly that went well and a few RCLA's we haven't been able to do much this week without me needing to give my ankle some relaxing time.

I don't know what else to say but Congratulations Jake and Cassi! Um, I heard a really good talk about "the Plan of Salvation and not the plan of damnation." Really quite amazing talk has a lot of comforting hope messages within it. Its by Elder John(or Tom) Lund talks also about the myth of perfectionism. But its really really good. Also the conversion story of a guy named Bill Carpenter and then his mission in Iowa.

Love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm 20! To bad my age made me a Gimp.‏

Well last p-day right after E-mailing we were playing basketball and an Elder with really long legs took a step and I tripped clean over him and land on my back. I quickly said I'm good, then when we were playing the next game I pretty much turned my right foot sideways and injured it pretty badly. It looked like I had a foot tumor when it was swollen up all around the ankle. So this week we tried to take it easy. Later that night we were not planning on going out but we ended up doing so because we had already missed an appointment with this new investigator and we didn't want to miss another without having the abilty to call them. So I hobbled over there and we taught just the book of mormon/restoration. We could finally count LaTosha as a new investigator after that. Tuesday we just took it easy so my foot could try to heal it was realllllly boring. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we went out working with the help of Bro. Jeffries who goes out with us all the time. On Saturday we did a decent amount of tracting and had a small birthday party at the member dinner for E. Rasmussen and Harry Potter. I think I overworked my foot that day because at church on Sunday my foot was not being happy. It seemed to dislike every position it was in unless it was on a pillow being elevated. I had a good birthday though, the members that fed us that night gave me a small party too.

And thanks everyone who helped my mom with the tape thingy. It was very much appreciated.

Anyway don't worry about me foot. It'll get better soon enough.

(20*)<~Elder Lance the Pants