Monday, November 29, 2010

District Leader

Lance didn't mention it in his e-mail, although he wrote in his letter home this week, "I am District Leader now which is cool but slightly uncomfortable."

Elder Sumsion's new address

Elder Lance Orland Sumsion
1636 E. 29th St.
Ashtabula, OH 44004

Driving a Truck.‏

Well as I said last week I was being transferred again. My knew area is Ashtabula, Ohio. In the Youngstown Zone again like with New Castle. Ashtabula is at the very most North-Eastern Corner as my mission can get. My companion is Elder Helton from Winatchee, Washington. This is only his second transfer in his mission. So I'm his Greenie Breaker because his Trainer Elder Thornton went back home to Idaho. With Elder Cardenaz...Tear shed for those lost. I also get to drive a truck because this area is very icy.

Its been a crazy transfer week I would have to say. Elder Gullerud and I were sad to leave each other but I was excited to see the changes that were going to happen in the mission. Getting called to Ashtabula has been an experience. Elder Helton and I have sadly been required to do a lot of driving because of our crazy appointment times and people needing service. The coolest thing about being called here was that one of the Investigators that Elder Gullerud and I started teaching over in Ashland originally (Erin Hemphill) comes from this area and she was planning on going and visiting her grandmother up here. So we've been working with her a little bit so she doesn't lose the beginnings of her testimony while she's away from the Elders in Ashland. So me being called here is just one of those interesting ways that Heavenly Father remains anonymous. It was also a rather crazy first day of church, Elder Helton and I were asked to speak in sacrament, then we taught gospel principles, and then the Elders Quorum President asked us to teach the restoration during priesthood. That was pretty intense.

Well I need to get off so I love you all.

My address is
Elder Lance Orland Sumsion
1636 E. 29th St.
Ashtabula, OH 44004

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"But I'm not Bitter!" (*)<~John Bytheway‏

Well a lot of crazy things have been going on here in Ashland. First off last Tuesday I went on an exchange with one of the Spanish Elders that I go home with. His name is Elder Rasmussen he is a stud. He's from Roosevelt, Utah and I saw him in the MTC but I left before him because I'm English. Also funny story Elder Brett Huntington was in the same Branch as him in the MTC after I left so he knows him. On our exchange some really cool things happened we were able to get a new investigator named Michael (but he's already dropped us which is sad but oh well we did clear up quite a bit of rumors).
Later that day after dinner with the Kellys we had the chance to give Erin's Hemphills mom a blessing because of some family stress. We're not teaching her yet but she likes the church which is a plus.
Then we were blessed with another new investigator named Ashley. She's an almost daughter-in-law to a member in the branch and we've started working with them. That was the exchange it was a really good one and very busy we didn't get in till decently late for a missionary.
Sadly Bill Beck also dropped us this week. He's just not wanting to change right now, he's a wonderful person though.
But we have been able to teach some wonderful less-actives that were really nice and gave us some yummy sandwich's. Speaking of sandwich's the Cook family in the branch. Bro. Cook makes this amazing sandwich with dip that I nearly gave up the ghost while eating it because it was so tasty!
The best part was we were also blessed with another new investigator named Ricky Moore. He's Erin's fiance and he's really sharp and pretty solid.
And with all these new investigators 3 of them came to church which was totally awesome.
But...I'm being transferred tomorrow again... Elder Gullerud and I were very surprised about that one, especially because this would be my second in a row one transfer area. I kinda love this area a lot a lot but Heavenly Father has some other plans. I am so grateful for being sent here though I'm pretty sure I know why which is kinda cool seeing how I can bless the lives of people with service.
Anyway I love you all. If you want to send me anything right now the address is:
(*)2070 W. 117th St.
Cleveland, OH 44111
That's the mission office address and they can forward it from there but also you can just wait until next week when I have my new address.

Well I love you all and Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Conference's. My Dad and Kent get brownie points and Teri gets a brownie!‏

After e-mailing last week I was able to get my hair-cut finally because it was kind of needed with all the times I'd be seeing President this week and it was bothering me so my hair is super short again. Sis. McNeely gave both of us hair-cuts.
Then I went to Dinner at the Millers after all the P-Day stuff was done. They're pretty cool, Bro. Miller use to be Amish and then he left and eventually met his Mormon wife. He's got a pretty epic work ethic.
Lastly we had an appointment with Erin and Tasha, which was good our next appointment with them this week though Tasha wasn't able to come because of some family troubles. But the most awesome thing that happened with Erin was that we were able to get Erin to Young Women's on Wednesday and Stake Conference on Sunday which was great cause Elder Gullerud and I have not been able to get anyone to church in this area since I arrived so that was a blessing. Heavenly Father really wanted her to go, first we needed a ride for her and ourselves and that was taking care of by an awesomely thoughtful member. Then we had to commit her to it a bunch of times but she eventually said yes. Finally a member gave us a random sprite which helped Erin cause she gets car sick. It all worked out just Dandy.
Zone Conference was on Wednesday and the coolest thing that happened there was the spirit. But also they gave us new phone and texting which is awesome. It felt good to send a text message after so long of not doing so. That's been rather convenient sending a text to Erin yesterday also woke her up so its wonderful. Zone conference was really helpful though.
Friday was great, we took a peek in a cool antique shop real quick in a tiny, tiny town called Sullivan. Got a couple potentials and was able to have Dinner with the Patalon family which was really fun. They're very good people.
Stake Conference was fun I was glad to see some of the members of the Akron Ward there and the speakers were excellent. One of them is the new temple President of the Columbus Temple. Then there was a singles branch luncheon that we were invited too and it worked out well cause i was hungry.
Anyway Ta Ta love you all.
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lance's current address

Elder Lance Sumsion
325 A Hillcrest Dr.
Ashland, OH 44805

"I'm always in your shadow Kakorot!" ~Name the character and you get brownie points, heck even if you name the show.‏

Brrr. Its been getting quite cold here, like i swear i can feel the wind blow through my skinny legs. It's awesome though, at transfer meeting i was hoping I'd get put in Cleveland or Kirtland zone so i could be right by lake Erie and understand the true meaning of being cold in the mistake by the lake. Cleveland is so awesomely ghetto. But as it is I'm about 60 miles away from the lake which is still freezing. But I'm pretty good on the warm stuff. the problem is i don't want to wear all the warm stuff because when the sun comes out it gets decently hot to wear i don't like wearing my coat. But i got free boots that an Elder left behind i just had to go by a better insole for it. It has snowed a little bit out here but it hasn't stuck yet. Tracting in the cold is fun though once you get over that first part.
This week Erin and Tasha have been going pretty well progression wise. We still weren't able to get them church though because they had to go to PA for some reason. Eh. Stake conference is next week so hopefully they'll want to go to that. I'm super excited to see some of the Akron Ward again though. Bro. Bob Davis is coming along well, he just needs a little simplification so he can pace himself but he's been wonderful to meet with. Other than that one of our investigators i think is digressing cause he canceled an appointment when we got there and doesn't have much enthusiasm. But yesterday we finally got the ward mission process which is something awesome that The lord, and the apostles came up with to help bring the less actives back to the fold and from that missionaries also get potential investigators and that's what happened at church yesterday. A less active showed up to church on that list with her non-member almost daughter in law so me and Elder Gullerud just taught a first lesson for our new member class. That was wonderful and awesome.
Anyway don't have much else to say. Love you all

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bleh!!!! I'm a ghost!!!‏

This week was actually a pretty good one. Right after e-mailing last Monday i wailed on my district at monopoly so that was awesome. But I'm not prideful I swear. On Tuesday we were able to have the AP's come to our district meeting which was great. I've been on an exchange with one of them Elder Farmer and that was just a good one. Plus the DMeeting was super good too. Afterwards i met some of the Wooster ward. Both AP's had served there so they wanted to say hi to the members they helped baptize or found while tracting. They were some really nice people. Also on Tuesday Elder Gullerud and I were just stopping by a Less-Active/Part Member home and ended up talking to the Non-member father about the church Bro. Bob Davis. He's a fun guy to talk to, absolutely loves asking questions and wants to strengthen his marriage with his wife. He sees the religion difference being a slight problem because every time they talk about it something contentious kinda happens. So he want's to talk with us which is awesome. We had another appointment later on that was just kinda like the first. It was really good I'd have to say. Bill Beck has been coming along as well, we committed him to baptism on the 18th of December and then the conversation turned into the W.O.Wisdom. He's got a pretty bad smoking habit that makes it kinda hard to be there because it's so bad. So we're working on that and he loves to feel the spirit which is a bonus. Erin and Tasha are coming along good as well, Erin is super sharp and just kinda gets the gospel. Tasha I think gets it but I think she's been hurt in the past about something, so progressing for her requires quite a bit o' faith. I think she'll be fine though, Sis. Kelly comes out with us when we go and she is just awesome. Last night we were at the Bentons and Bro. Benton is super funny. Everything about him screams I'm a Man. He's got a very low deep and booming voice. He was in the military for something plus years. He's got a soft heart for family but its funny the comments he makes. We listened to him for a while last night and were just laughing our faces off.

Anywho, love you guys.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion