Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"But I'm not Bitter!" (*)<~John Bytheway‏

Well a lot of crazy things have been going on here in Ashland. First off last Tuesday I went on an exchange with one of the Spanish Elders that I go home with. His name is Elder Rasmussen he is a stud. He's from Roosevelt, Utah and I saw him in the MTC but I left before him because I'm English. Also funny story Elder Brett Huntington was in the same Branch as him in the MTC after I left so he knows him. On our exchange some really cool things happened we were able to get a new investigator named Michael (but he's already dropped us which is sad but oh well we did clear up quite a bit of rumors).
Later that day after dinner with the Kellys we had the chance to give Erin's Hemphills mom a blessing because of some family stress. We're not teaching her yet but she likes the church which is a plus.
Then we were blessed with another new investigator named Ashley. She's an almost daughter-in-law to a member in the branch and we've started working with them. That was the exchange it was a really good one and very busy we didn't get in till decently late for a missionary.
Sadly Bill Beck also dropped us this week. He's just not wanting to change right now, he's a wonderful person though.
But we have been able to teach some wonderful less-actives that were really nice and gave us some yummy sandwich's. Speaking of sandwich's the Cook family in the branch. Bro. Cook makes this amazing sandwich with dip that I nearly gave up the ghost while eating it because it was so tasty!
The best part was we were also blessed with another new investigator named Ricky Moore. He's Erin's fiance and he's really sharp and pretty solid.
And with all these new investigators 3 of them came to church which was totally awesome.
But...I'm being transferred tomorrow again... Elder Gullerud and I were very surprised about that one, especially because this would be my second in a row one transfer area. I kinda love this area a lot a lot but Heavenly Father has some other plans. I am so grateful for being sent here though I'm pretty sure I know why which is kinda cool seeing how I can bless the lives of people with service.
Anyway I love you all. If you want to send me anything right now the address is:
(*)2070 W. 117th St.
Cleveland, OH 44111
That's the mission office address and they can forward it from there but also you can just wait until next week when I have my new address.

Well I love you all and Happy Thanksgiving!

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