Monday, November 15, 2010

Conference's. My Dad and Kent get brownie points and Teri gets a brownie!‏

After e-mailing last week I was able to get my hair-cut finally because it was kind of needed with all the times I'd be seeing President this week and it was bothering me so my hair is super short again. Sis. McNeely gave both of us hair-cuts.
Then I went to Dinner at the Millers after all the P-Day stuff was done. They're pretty cool, Bro. Miller use to be Amish and then he left and eventually met his Mormon wife. He's got a pretty epic work ethic.
Lastly we had an appointment with Erin and Tasha, which was good our next appointment with them this week though Tasha wasn't able to come because of some family troubles. But the most awesome thing that happened with Erin was that we were able to get Erin to Young Women's on Wednesday and Stake Conference on Sunday which was great cause Elder Gullerud and I have not been able to get anyone to church in this area since I arrived so that was a blessing. Heavenly Father really wanted her to go, first we needed a ride for her and ourselves and that was taking care of by an awesomely thoughtful member. Then we had to commit her to it a bunch of times but she eventually said yes. Finally a member gave us a random sprite which helped Erin cause she gets car sick. It all worked out just Dandy.
Zone Conference was on Wednesday and the coolest thing that happened there was the spirit. But also they gave us new phone and texting which is awesome. It felt good to send a text message after so long of not doing so. That's been rather convenient sending a text to Erin yesterday also woke her up so its wonderful. Zone conference was really helpful though.
Friday was great, we took a peek in a cool antique shop real quick in a tiny, tiny town called Sullivan. Got a couple potentials and was able to have Dinner with the Patalon family which was really fun. They're very good people.
Stake Conference was fun I was glad to see some of the members of the Akron Ward there and the speakers were excellent. One of them is the new temple President of the Columbus Temple. Then there was a singles branch luncheon that we were invited too and it worked out well cause i was hungry.
Anyway Ta Ta love you all.
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

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