Monday, November 8, 2010

"I'm always in your shadow Kakorot!" ~Name the character and you get brownie points, heck even if you name the show.‏

Brrr. Its been getting quite cold here, like i swear i can feel the wind blow through my skinny legs. It's awesome though, at transfer meeting i was hoping I'd get put in Cleveland or Kirtland zone so i could be right by lake Erie and understand the true meaning of being cold in the mistake by the lake. Cleveland is so awesomely ghetto. But as it is I'm about 60 miles away from the lake which is still freezing. But I'm pretty good on the warm stuff. the problem is i don't want to wear all the warm stuff because when the sun comes out it gets decently hot to wear i don't like wearing my coat. But i got free boots that an Elder left behind i just had to go by a better insole for it. It has snowed a little bit out here but it hasn't stuck yet. Tracting in the cold is fun though once you get over that first part.
This week Erin and Tasha have been going pretty well progression wise. We still weren't able to get them church though because they had to go to PA for some reason. Eh. Stake conference is next week so hopefully they'll want to go to that. I'm super excited to see some of the Akron Ward again though. Bro. Bob Davis is coming along well, he just needs a little simplification so he can pace himself but he's been wonderful to meet with. Other than that one of our investigators i think is digressing cause he canceled an appointment when we got there and doesn't have much enthusiasm. But yesterday we finally got the ward mission process which is something awesome that The lord, and the apostles came up with to help bring the less actives back to the fold and from that missionaries also get potential investigators and that's what happened at church yesterday. A less active showed up to church on that list with her non-member almost daughter in law so me and Elder Gullerud just taught a first lesson for our new member class. That was wonderful and awesome.
Anyway don't have much else to say. Love you all

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  1. That is Vegeta (i think that is how you spell it) from D.B.Z. (Dragon Ball Z).