Monday, November 29, 2010

Driving a Truck.‏

Well as I said last week I was being transferred again. My knew area is Ashtabula, Ohio. In the Youngstown Zone again like with New Castle. Ashtabula is at the very most North-Eastern Corner as my mission can get. My companion is Elder Helton from Winatchee, Washington. This is only his second transfer in his mission. So I'm his Greenie Breaker because his Trainer Elder Thornton went back home to Idaho. With Elder Cardenaz...Tear shed for those lost. I also get to drive a truck because this area is very icy.

Its been a crazy transfer week I would have to say. Elder Gullerud and I were sad to leave each other but I was excited to see the changes that were going to happen in the mission. Getting called to Ashtabula has been an experience. Elder Helton and I have sadly been required to do a lot of driving because of our crazy appointment times and people needing service. The coolest thing about being called here was that one of the Investigators that Elder Gullerud and I started teaching over in Ashland originally (Erin Hemphill) comes from this area and she was planning on going and visiting her grandmother up here. So we've been working with her a little bit so she doesn't lose the beginnings of her testimony while she's away from the Elders in Ashland. So me being called here is just one of those interesting ways that Heavenly Father remains anonymous. It was also a rather crazy first day of church, Elder Helton and I were asked to speak in sacrament, then we taught gospel principles, and then the Elders Quorum President asked us to teach the restoration during priesthood. That was pretty intense.

Well I need to get off so I love you all.

My address is
Elder Lance Orland Sumsion
1636 E. 29th St.
Ashtabula, OH 44004

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