Monday, February 28, 2011

Of hospitals and hand grenades.

After e-mail last week Elder Dowley and I had the opportunity to go down to the Youngstown Stake Center and play some basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, and chesh-wozy (which is kind of like basketball and ultimate Frisbee mixed). Had a pretty good time doing all of that and such.
Then we came back and tried to stop by some people but only stopping by the hospital to check on Sis. Fay and the rest of the family. We've been stopping by the hospital about twice a day for the past couple weeks just to see if there is any comfort we can provide or something like that. Sis. Fay will probably be passing away this week because they had to up her pain medication to once every hour. Which is a little sad but the family is doing well dealing with it. We've actually been working on a potential referral for the other Elders in my district.
Tyler Bennet is still going strong and he's pretty much been taught all the lessons. We're possibly going to Kirtland with him Saturday and then the following Saturday he should be getting baptized. Everything with him seems to be working out well. Just want to get the family more involved so he has more of a support system. But the stud hasn't missed church once since we started teaching him.
The Burgess family is doing well. They weren't able to make it to church yesterday because their ride wasn't feeling well. Basically everyone in the ward was sick yesterday. Although from what it sounds like him and his whole family was ready to come to church, which is a very good thing. We're also working on getting them a baptismal date but they need to get married before that happens. That is proving to be slightly a challenge but all will work out when they understand why.
We've also still been working with Harold Christopher (I don't know if I've mentioned him before). He is doing awesome just needs to come to church.
Last night we met a nice lady named Nicole and her sister Casey that currently goes to the university of Akron. Plus we also met her adorable daughter Brianna. Elder Dowley and I showed them a picture book and taught them all from just the pictures we were showing them.
Anyway love you all.
(*)<~elder sumsion

Monday, February 21, 2011

Its snowy, it rains, its grassy and then it snows even more.‏

Not to bad of a week up here in Ashtab. Elder Dowley and I have been on a mystery search for dead people in the less-actives. There is one guy we thought was deceased but then we called the phone number and it sounded like Mr. not so dead was at work. So its a mystery... The other family we stopped by to confirm if he was dead was very unpleasant. Defiantly one of the scariest houses I've ever stopped by at night and they were not so very nice people. But we confirmed the member was deceased and then we left and did some service.
This week started out super white and then it rained and it got very muddy and we could see the grass but it just looked kinda gross everywhere. Then last night we tried to drive to Kirtland but on the way there we hit a massive snow storm so we turned around. (We were taking Tyler Bennet to an investigator fireside they were having). So poor Bro. Lewis picked us up and then picked Tyler up. we got less than halfway there and decided to turn around and drive back. well that took us about 3 hours altogether and 4 for bro. Lewis because he doesn't live very close. It was intense. It only took a couple hours to get about 2-5 inches of snow on the ground.
Mike Thompson is not doing well progression wise. Plus we had to drop the Crubaughs a couple weeks ago as well. It made me sad.
But Tyler Bennet is just pure gold. I've never met anyone like him. He's a funny kid and he'll go far his baptism is on the 12th of March.
Plus we met the Burgess family and Jacob's soon to be wife Karen is coming along very well. She is super great and her children (Johnathan and Leila) are going to take a little bit more work but they are interested. Karen and Tyler both came to church yesterday.
Well I love you.
(*)<~Elder Lance Sump.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Hearts Yesterday

Elder Dowley and I will be staying in Ashtabula this upcoming transfer. We got the call last night. So no change which I'm really glad about because I want see our investigators baptized.
The most awesome thing that happened this week is that Elder Dowley and I found a Part-Member family that is willing to listen to us and hopefully we can get them Baptized. Their names are Jacob Burgess (he's the member) His girlfriend Karen and her two children Johnathan and I can't remember. Karen is pretty much deaf so it's going to be interesting teaching them. But Jacob and Karen came to church so all is well. We're just gonna have to get her children their too.
Tyler Bennet has been doing awesome. We've taught him quite a bit and have his baptism scheduled for March 12th. We even were able to go to young mens because he's 16 and help out there and play some b-ball which was a bonus. I just want to meet his family so we can find out if we can teach them. He also came to church.
Mike Thompson is kinda scaring us a little but I think it'll work out. He didn't make it to church but he had a good reason. But we sadly have to push his Bap. Date back because of that.
I went to the dentist this week because of a slight toothache but it turns out it was just some sore gums and the dentist just asked me to change my toothpaste. So that all worked out.
Nothing really else exciting happened. The Fays give us an occasional scare. Arturo got pneumonia in one lung and had to go to the doctors but we gave him a blessing and now he's home.
well I love you all.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I wonder if I'm a Steelers fan?‏

Its been a pretty good week so far the weather caused us to have to go inside and make phone calls and weekly planning a little earlier in the week but it wasn't to bad of a week. I was super excited to confirm Garlena a member. Elder Dowley confirmed Arturo. "It was a sweet experience and one I will not soon forget." Although it almost didn't happen because that family always gets some sort of trial. The night before Sunday Lena Fay had a seizure and that caused a mild heart attack. They called us at about 11 and told us all this. I was worrried but it worked out. We went with the Ashtabula Bishop Harju and gave her a blessing last night. Mike Thompson is going very well, he wasn't able to go to church but being in the Hospital is a good enough excuse for me. He also commited to take out his piercings by the time his baptism comes around. We also gave him a blessing last night and then another member called and asked if we could give another to a Sis. Baker in this ward. 3 blessings last night it was pretty cool. We also were blessed with a new investigator last week that literally said " I want to be a Mormon" even before we had met him face to face. His name is Tyler Bennet he's 16 and I'm hoping we can get his family involved. Had another training meeting in Cleveland on thursday and that was super good. Plus Elder Richardson one of my favorite missionaries in the mission is leaving my distrct today to go be a zone leader "the stud." That's a little sad because I like having him in my district but oh well. Well I got to give Elder Dowley a turn so love you all bye.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion