Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Hearts Yesterday

Elder Dowley and I will be staying in Ashtabula this upcoming transfer. We got the call last night. So no change which I'm really glad about because I want see our investigators baptized.
The most awesome thing that happened this week is that Elder Dowley and I found a Part-Member family that is willing to listen to us and hopefully we can get them Baptized. Their names are Jacob Burgess (he's the member) His girlfriend Karen and her two children Johnathan and I can't remember. Karen is pretty much deaf so it's going to be interesting teaching them. But Jacob and Karen came to church so all is well. We're just gonna have to get her children their too.
Tyler Bennet has been doing awesome. We've taught him quite a bit and have his baptism scheduled for March 12th. We even were able to go to young mens because he's 16 and help out there and play some b-ball which was a bonus. I just want to meet his family so we can find out if we can teach them. He also came to church.
Mike Thompson is kinda scaring us a little but I think it'll work out. He didn't make it to church but he had a good reason. But we sadly have to push his Bap. Date back because of that.
I went to the dentist this week because of a slight toothache but it turns out it was just some sore gums and the dentist just asked me to change my toothpaste. So that all worked out.
Nothing really else exciting happened. The Fays give us an occasional scare. Arturo got pneumonia in one lung and had to go to the doctors but we gave him a blessing and now he's home.
well I love you all.

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