Monday, February 7, 2011

I wonder if I'm a Steelers fan?‏

Its been a pretty good week so far the weather caused us to have to go inside and make phone calls and weekly planning a little earlier in the week but it wasn't to bad of a week. I was super excited to confirm Garlena a member. Elder Dowley confirmed Arturo. "It was a sweet experience and one I will not soon forget." Although it almost didn't happen because that family always gets some sort of trial. The night before Sunday Lena Fay had a seizure and that caused a mild heart attack. They called us at about 11 and told us all this. I was worrried but it worked out. We went with the Ashtabula Bishop Harju and gave her a blessing last night. Mike Thompson is going very well, he wasn't able to go to church but being in the Hospital is a good enough excuse for me. He also commited to take out his piercings by the time his baptism comes around. We also gave him a blessing last night and then another member called and asked if we could give another to a Sis. Baker in this ward. 3 blessings last night it was pretty cool. We also were blessed with a new investigator last week that literally said " I want to be a Mormon" even before we had met him face to face. His name is Tyler Bennet he's 16 and I'm hoping we can get his family involved. Had another training meeting in Cleveland on thursday and that was super good. Plus Elder Richardson one of my favorite missionaries in the mission is leaving my distrct today to go be a zone leader "the stud." That's a little sad because I like having him in my district but oh well. Well I got to give Elder Dowley a turn so love you all bye.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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