Monday, January 31, 2011 receive no witness until after the trial of your faith. Ether 12:6‏

I can't remember how much I've told you about the Fays. Well when I came into the Ashtabula area Elder Helton introduced me to Bro. Garfield Fay, Sis. Garlena Ramirez (Garfield Daugther), and Arturo Gomez (who is 8 and is Garlena's son). Plus their dog crazy who just a nutso dog afraid of boxes and he tried to bite my heel once but he's probably my favorite dog in the world. We were teaching them because they are less-active and they wanted Arturo to have the lessons. Later on I met Garfields wife Sis. Lena Fay. She ended up getting stomach cancer and now needs dialysis. Plus there is David their grandson who works for Pizza Hut and lives with his girlfriend there. Well we found out eventually that Garlena was baptized but it wasn't confirmed a member so she needed it to get baptized again. WHICH TOTALLY HAPPENED YESTERDAY!!! Yay first baptism's!!! Woot woot! Elder Dowley baptized Garlena and I was able to baptize Arturo. It was really awesome. I would definantly say one of the best days of my life. I felt the spirit super strong while I was listening to my comp. talk about the Holy Ghost after the baptism's.
But the week was pretty rough.
It started out with an Exchange with Elder Scott McClellan from Lindon, so he could interview them both for baptism. That was actually a pretty good exchange. It was mostly hard for Elder Dowley because he got rather sick but he was working in Youngstown with Elder Baird.
Wednesday we had dinner with the Edwards and Sis. Edwards daughter. Sis. Van Akin she's from Spanish Fork area too and knew some Sumsion's.
Thursday while we were driving to a Trainer/Trainee meeting. I was changing lanes on the freeway and hit some black ice and began to spin in circles going about 70 mph on the freeway. That was pretty intense and I'm glad we were saved from that. The meeting was super awesome and I met an Elder Coral from Springville. He lives close to Grant Elementary and his home teachers are Sumsion's.
Friday Sis. Lena Fay almost passed away but was saved by a blessing so that was very scary. Then later on that day we attended a funeral for a Sis. Metcalf that used to go to the Ashtabula Ward. Later on that day Jordyn Dickey a member in this area that was giving us a ride slid off the Edge of the road and we were stuck there for a little while until another member happened to drive by with his enormous street light fixing truck thingy.
Saturday I found out that a very good friend of mine Bro. Robin Kelly from the Ashland Branch passed away because of smoking. That was kind of a bummer.
Sunday we found out that another former member of the Ashtabula Ward passed away due to a heart attack. Lots of people dying or nearly dying. I'm glad for the plan.
But the week ended with our first baptism's and that's what made it all worth it. They'll be confirmed next sunday.
Anyway love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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