Monday, January 17, 2011

Unforeseen Awesome.‏

Well this week has been a pretty good one so far it started off with a pretty good p-day last week and then a rather good Tuesday when we saw Mike Thompson and taught the plan. He's pretty much great we taught him Saturday night as well and we kinda fire-hosed (taught a whole lot of gospel principles at once) him quite a bit. But he did really well and the only problem we've had with him so far is that he didn't make to church yesterday. His mother is a truck driver and he wanted to spend the day with her which seemed like a good enough reason to me.
We haven't taught a lesson to the Crubaughs for a little while but they aren't dropping us. We finally figured out a concern they've been having with coming to church, so we've been remedying that. We might have to push their baptism date back but that won't be to bad if we can start getting them out to church.
Elder Dowley and I tracted into this really great guy named John that I think would take some work to baptize but I don't see it out of the question. He holds some deep guilt and I don't think he truly knows what he believes but he's really awesome. Might go play cards with him later today.
Also last night we had a lesson with a less-active family the Moleks and they brought out a lot more concerns than they had which kinda just blew me away. Because I thought they were less-active because they didn't feel worthy to go to church because they've got some commandment troubles. But there was a lot deeper issues there than I thought. So we might be able to help them start coming back to church which would just be totally awesome because they are super great.
On Tuesday night we were able to have a sleepover at Warren. The other area in my district. Because I was able to go to some pretty cool leadership training meeting. It was pretty awesome but super long. Also it took forever to get there and to get back because the roads were so bad.
Oh and the unforeseen awesome is that we might be having my first baptism on the 29th (fingers crossed) if Garleena is ready (who we thought was a member but found out she either missed the conformation like her father or her paper work didn't get sent in). Plus her son Arturo who is 8 would've been a baptism that we can't count because Garleena was a member. But since she's not we can count it. So two baptisms on the 29th of this month if we're lucky which is totally awesome!
Anyway love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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