Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Elder Dowley says Hi‏

Not to bad of a week this week. We've been working with Jordyn Dickey he's close to going on a mission. Just a little bit older than Elder Dowley.
Well he's been our investigator Mike Thompson's fellow shipper. We went to Kirtland with both of them on Friday. It was super cold but its always an awesome experience there.
We've got some pretty decent new potential investigators and the ones we've been working with have been mostly un-progressingish but they're not to bad.
We should be having both of our first baptisms on Sunday the 30th. It will be Garleena and Arturo Ramirez. They are just awesome and have been going through some troubling times recently but I love working with them.
Mike is also on track for baptism. If he keeps coming to church I'm pretty sure he'll start to fix the things he needs to fix. But he's doing good so far.
The Crubaughs are still wonderful but they have been difficult to get to church. Mostly because of children.
I gave my first Baptismal Interview this week. That was kinda different but not to bad. It was to a guy named George Adams being baptized the same day as Garleena and Arturo.
Been working with the Molleks and i think they'll start coming back to church.
We dusted a very dusty house for Sis. Rood on Wednesday. Lots of sneezing but it was pretty rewarding.
Oh yeah in case you didn't know Elder Troy Hawkins is training a new missionary too!
It was a rather good week numbers wise we just need more investigators before we baptize the ones we have.
Love You guys.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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