Monday, January 10, 2011

My Boy!‏

Well I guess my mission president beat me to the punch about the name of my new companion Elder Dowley. He's from Spanish Fork, Utah. He's pretty much awesome. He's the 3rd of 8 and the first to serve a mission. It's been fun getting to know him.
Lets see this week hasn't been to bad, my last two days with Elder Helton were good. He got sent to Cuyahoga Falls to replace (if anyone remembers) Elder Berry. He's the one I went biking in the rain with and got soaking wet on an exchange when I was in Akron.
Haven't been able to share a lesson with the Crubaughs this week because their kids have been sick, which is sad because we got a call yesterday before church and they were still sick. But they are still super willing to keep commitments other than that one which is wonderful. They even figured out a way themselves to follow the Word of Wisdom. Which is pretty amazing because with a lot of people you have to spoon feed them everything.
Oh and this week I got word from the Fairlawn Elders that Darlene Craig has been awesome with coming to church every week and is right on track for baptism! Boo-Ya!
Plus Elder Helton and I were able to get a few pretty solid referrals from Erin before she left and one of them Mike Thompson actually came to church yesterday! Which is totally awesome and also if he's baptized and willing he could even serve a mission himself because he's just a year younger than me. The other two referrals we're going to see tomorrow.
We also found out that someone who thought she was baptized when she was younger isn't actually baptized because she missed the conformation part. So once we finish the lesson's we can actually baptize her and her son. Garleena and Arturo. Although her mother Lena Fay was in the Cleveland Clinic for some pretty bad cancer and a bunch of other stuff. Now she's in a home to help her with dialysis.
So the other day we walked two miles in like 3 - 11/2 feet of snow! It was pretty intense.
Spoke in church yesterday with Elder Dowley. He did an awesome job.
Yup, that's about it.
Love Ya.
(*)<~Elder Sump.

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