Monday, November 1, 2010

Bleh!!!! I'm a ghost!!!‏

This week was actually a pretty good one. Right after e-mailing last Monday i wailed on my district at monopoly so that was awesome. But I'm not prideful I swear. On Tuesday we were able to have the AP's come to our district meeting which was great. I've been on an exchange with one of them Elder Farmer and that was just a good one. Plus the DMeeting was super good too. Afterwards i met some of the Wooster ward. Both AP's had served there so they wanted to say hi to the members they helped baptize or found while tracting. They were some really nice people. Also on Tuesday Elder Gullerud and I were just stopping by a Less-Active/Part Member home and ended up talking to the Non-member father about the church Bro. Bob Davis. He's a fun guy to talk to, absolutely loves asking questions and wants to strengthen his marriage with his wife. He sees the religion difference being a slight problem because every time they talk about it something contentious kinda happens. So he want's to talk with us which is awesome. We had another appointment later on that was just kinda like the first. It was really good I'd have to say. Bill Beck has been coming along as well, we committed him to baptism on the 18th of December and then the conversation turned into the W.O.Wisdom. He's got a pretty bad smoking habit that makes it kinda hard to be there because it's so bad. So we're working on that and he loves to feel the spirit which is a bonus. Erin and Tasha are coming along good as well, Erin is super sharp and just kinda gets the gospel. Tasha I think gets it but I think she's been hurt in the past about something, so progressing for her requires quite a bit o' faith. I think she'll be fine though, Sis. Kelly comes out with us when we go and she is just awesome. Last night we were at the Bentons and Bro. Benton is super funny. Everything about him screams I'm a Man. He's got a very low deep and booming voice. He was in the military for something plus years. He's got a soft heart for family but its funny the comments he makes. We listened to him for a while last night and were just laughing our faces off.

Anywho, love you guys.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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