Monday, October 25, 2010

"I'm Elder (Censor) and I rebuke you in the name of dilligence."‏

Been having a pretty fun week over here in Ashland. Last Monday had some pretty dang tasty rice and chicken with some scrumptious broth at a members house. Tuesday i went to Wooster (Not like the chicken but like wusster) it was cool cause Elder Cardenaz spent six months there. We had district meeting and after that Elder Gullerud and I did some stop-by's. Wednesday i killed a spider by the branch building and felt it crunch beneath my shoe and that was rather unsettlingly gross. We also got a new investigator that day which was awesome. Her name is Erin and she's nineteen she also has a moderately interested step-sister named Tasha which is awesome. Thursday we were blessed with another new investigator named Bill. He's super nice and likes cats. Saturday we were able to go to a branch Halloween party. It was pretty awesome and had a lot of Halloween themed food. The coolest part about it is they had a small hike lit up entirely by tiki torches and that was pretty cool to take a walk up. But then we had to go or we would have turned into pumpkins at curfew. Did a little bit over two hours of tr acting yesterday after church.

We've had a lot of cool things happening this week. Oh and the quote at the beginning came from a previous ap of this mission that i have never met but all the elders in the mission quote him.

(*)<~Love you

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