Monday, August 23, 2010

My watch just beeped. It's 11 o' Clock!‏

This week we had some on and off days, Monday night we weren't able to do anything, Tuesday actually went quite well we were able to see everyone we had planned to see the night before plus district meeting was very spirit filled. Wednesday the potential we were hoping to make an investigator fell through sadly but hopefully we'll be able to try again. Thursday was much like Tuesday and everything we had planned worked out well plus I learned a funny thing at the member dinner. The next aethiest I meet I'm supposed to ask them to think of the most important thing in their life. Then ask them to pray with all their might for God to take that thing away from them. I learned that from a member in the ward, I thought it was pretty funny and smart but I'll let the spirit decide if I actually say that to an aethiest. Friday was much like Wednesday in the fact that everything fell through so we tracked for 2 hours. A lot of walking on Saturday and Sunday but the bonus to Sunday was church plus a pretty good appointment later that night.

Well love you all, I can't think of much else to say. Oh wait except I might get transferred on September 1st but I won't be able to tell anyone until August 31st (Tuesday next week). So if your planning on sending me a letter and you don't think it will be here by August 31st then either send it to the mission home or just wait. So yep. Loove you all.

(*)<~Elder Sinspin

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