Monday, December 6, 2010

"The other day...I met a bear."‏

My first week in Ashtabula has been pretty good. I'm enjoying driving the truck because the area desperately needs with all the driving we end up doing which is kinda obnoxious. but oh well. Nothing really superb has been going on ummm... a lot of people that we talk to when we ask them when can we stop by again say yes but after the holidays which is slightly unhelpful.

Speaking of one of those people but it was kind of a weird experience. Elder Helton and I were just stopping by some potentials in Jefferson, Ohio which is right underneath Ashtabula. The potentials failed but while we were leaving the housing complex we saw an old lady sitting in her car trying to back out back on the road. But when she saw us she waved us down and then for like the next two minutes tried very frantically to role down her window. Eventually me and Elder Helton started giggling because it was taking so long. She turned her car off and then on and then off and then back on trying to get the window down. Eventually she gave up and opened her door. She told us that she was lost and couldn't find her way back home. She was worried that the cops were going to the throw her in jail because she's not allowed to drive at night. We told her they wouldn't throw her in jail over that but we have a GPS so we would help her find her way home. When we did she invited us in and just jabbered about how lost she was for a little while longer but eventually we got her talking about herself found out her name is Regina Kaiser and was from Germany during the war also catholic. That was cool. But then we had to go and that's about it. We're going to stop by her again later. It was a random but pretty interesting talking to her.

The snow isn't too bad here yet but there is quite a bit of it now. The members say it gets a lot worse. I'm kinda excited to see what worse is.

Lets see we also started teaching this guy named Shirrad who is kinda skeptical but I have some faith in him. He's a nice guy.

Anyway I don't have anything else. Love you all. Ttyl.

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