Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Monday Again!‏

This week has been a lot better than the previous couple weeks. We had to stop working with a Less Active that just wasn't very willing and then we were able to get in contact with 2 others. One of them doesn't really seem like he's interested in coming back to church because currently he is a member of the RLDS faith. He was very interesting to talk to. The most interesting part is that he referred himself to us because he wanted Pamphlets and movies and such so he could preach "The Restoration" (Just the restoration). We told him that we only hand stuff out for the purpose of helping others come into this church. Very interesting, his name is Joseph Pupo. The other man we got in contact with I think we can actually do something, he is very humble and wants to get back into the gospel his name is Willie Edwards.
The coolest things that have happened this week is our new investigator Nicole. Elder Prince started talking to her while we ordering food from her in a nearby Chinese restaurant a few weeks ago. At first we couldn't seem to work with her but now she has a baptismal date. It's pretty exciting. She has a seven year old son (i think seven) that we haven't met yet.
Another great thing that we are working with is one of the Less Actives we have been teaching Janetta Sipp came to church activities and church this week. The unexpected thing is that she brought a non-member friend of hers to church named Ashley. It was unexpected because we've been having difficulty getting her to church but it was very awesome to see her and her friend there.
Well I lov'a youssa peoples.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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