Monday, October 3, 2011

The true bus system of Cleveland Ohio.‏

This has defiantly been a different week. We have seen tons of success in getting members out with us and with them teaching and they have been just awesome with all the help they provide us. We however have not seen much progression with those that we currently were teaching. I don't think they aren't interested though just busy making it very difficult to follow up with commitments but I'm planning on making an added effort to make sure that works out this week.
General conference was so inspiring and such a blessing. Sadly though sisters my favorite session was priesthood because it was awesome. I'm super excited about the new Provo temple. Just crazy stuff.
We've been working with Jeanetta a less-active and she has just been awesome and referred a lot of people. They seem kinda promising, but they were unable to attend conference. They did however attend other events.
Biggest story of the week and possibly the whole time I've been in this area. Although I tell this story for the purpose of not being mean but it defiantly is the most interesting slash hilarious experiences I've had on my mission. So don't think ill because we did fulfill our baptismal covenant in doing this.
Yesterday morning we were invited to go to a members home and watch conference with them and they let us know if we find anyone they can come with us too. Well after we woke up in the frigid apartment yesterday we did our studies and then decided to go out a contact whilst we walk to the Hall's home. While we were walking there was nobody in sight so we decided to hop on a bus and talk to the people on the bus. Well...We see this lady that we had talked to previously and my bold and fearless companion decides to very loudly invite her and basically the whole bus over to our members home with us. She declined and then after about a half a minute the guy in front of me asks if he can come to church with us. At first I was kinda surprised and almost said no because he had a cigarette in his ear and didn't want to bring that into one of the members homes but I decided to ask why he was on the bus. He replied "Because I'm going to church with you." I was confused but said "Oh...OK." Then we have to get off the bus but before we do I discover than our new friend Donald has been shot twice in his life.
That was defiantly not what I expected to hear as a conversation starter but while getting off the bus I realize that one of those bullet had permanently damaged his walking and he had to walk with a cane. Well... we get off the bus and call the Halls and they say it's OK that he comes and watches conference with us. Bro. Hall picks us up and we go to their house.
When we arrive Sis. Hall says that she'll make us some lunch and starts preparing it. We decide to teach Donald about prophets and he gave some pretty intelligent responses but was very distracted by the food and such to the point where I told him "Donald, over here." and then he started falling asleep so we ended the lesson so we could eat.
After the food which was very yummy we went to the couch to watch conference and Donald sat down on one of their recliners (but he didn't know that). We got through the opening him and the opening prayer and in the middle of the second hymn after the prayer he laid his head on one of the armrests and fell asleep and stayed asleep the whole two hours.
The story ends with a journey around Cleveland to find a homeless shelter to drop him off at. We were unable to get any contact information because he didn't have any so I don't think we'll see him again. It was a good Christlike experience but defiantly not what we expected for our Sunday morning conference session. I'd also like to publically thank the Hall's for there amazing generosity.
Anyway, that was the most exciting thing to happen this week next to conference. I love you all and can't believe that I've only got one more of them left until I'm home. By the way the April Conference is my last Sunday in the mission.
Love you.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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