Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Barriers keep us from reaching something, bridges overcome barriers." ~Pres. Doneque (Kirtland Stake Presidency)‏

Well I have had just a wonderful time working with Elder Rangel and Elder Bills. We've tried to work out going on splits with the members as much as we could this week and we have mostly succeeded but only really at night. Some of the days we've spent together we have felt truly exhausted at the end of the night which always feels quite nice actually.
Well things with Nicole have been going quite well she is still interested in meeting with us and has been making some life changes. One night we went to her work because that is where we usually teach her. Which is not ideal but she works so much and her boss is fine with it. But we talked with her about happiness and she said "I wouldn't be meeting with you all if you didn't make me happy." That was super awesome to hear and really shows that she has been changing.
Leonard has been super sick and that has made it pretty much impossible to meet with him. We have an appointment tomorrow and he said he's feeling better so hopefully that one works out. He comes to sacrament meeting pretty regularly though.
We had to drop Gary McCoy sadly because he said that he wasn't interested in reading the Book of Mormon on his own or coming to church. He's comfortable where he's at.
The area is doing well and I'm very excited for Nicole. I think she will fit in well with the ward. Her fellow shippers are really good. So depending on her work schedule, baptism on the 12th does seem very possible.
We had stake conference on Sunday. That was a treat. First time I've ever had church in Kirtland Ohio, let alone stake conference. None of the investigators could make it which was a bummer but Sis. Jackson came and she is such great member that we've been working with for quite sometime. It was a wonderful step to see her there.
Elder Rangel is being transferred out of the apartment, so I'll be missing him. But Elder Bills and I will both be getting new companions so there will be some new missionaries that we get to know.
I love you all and this work is true.
Make sure that everyone of you is finding someone week in the spirit and taking them with you so that they may be edified in all meekness. That they may become strong in the spirit. (D&C 84:106) It's a promise we made to Heavenly Father at baptism. This work is true and we can really help someone and some family.
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

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