Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zoned Out cupcake face champion!

Well it has been a little bit of a trial week. We still have no way of getting in contact with Pam and Ben is defiantly avoiding us. We were having some difficulty getting a hold of him on the phone and this wasn't the first time this has happened so stopped by and when we knocked on his door and I saw him basically run upstairs. So something happened there either got anti-ed or something like that, kind of a bummer but I've come to realize a lot that you receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.
Elder Prince and I have kicked our talking with people up quite a bit since our teaching pool went down. We've found a decent few people that seem pretty interested. Some of the biggest difficulty is getting them to keep or set up appointments though. The cool thing is we've taught 2 almost member referrals recently we just can't count them as referrals or new investigators yet. But one of them Joan seems like there is some solid potential behind her because of the family who is referring her is one of the strongest in the ward the same family that referred Isiah (whose getting baptized Saturday) to the Zone Leaders. I think she and him and some other people came because of having the bishop on our side in this ward and the help of family mission plans in this ward. I pray that more come.
Lastly Leonard Banks is doing well don't have much to report about him. Just need to overcome some hurdles before baptism.
I also have been a little sick this week with a cold that caused me to stay inside Friday. I'm glad I did, I feel allot better the day after which was actually an awesome day.
It was Saturday and the ward was having an activity in which we went around with a bunch of members taking pictures with specific objects around Cleveland. Elder Prince and I went with the McCrackens and had a blast. I'm gonna try and get a hold of some of the pictures.
Finally I don't know if you remember but a year ago when I was with Elder Decker (who just went home oh and by the way transfers happened and nothing changed) in New Castle, PA. We went to something at the John Johnson home for P-day and had a half mission p-day. We did that again Monday which is why i'm emailing today. It was tons of fun. We had a really race in which I got to smash my face in to some chocolatey cupcakes. I loved it and we won! Just like last year. It was pretty sweet I was eating cupcake of my clothes the rest of Zoned out.
Well I love you all and I should be back to normal email schedule next week.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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