Monday, December 19, 2011

You always know its a good day when the man your talking to puts a snowball on his head.‏

Had an interesting week yet again the Lord is still showing me that when we put the sacrifice in blessings flow.
The cold weather has been less than fun, it started snowing like crazy a couple days ago and now its mostly gone because of the rain melting it into mud. Members in our area have been going home for Christmas and there has been difficulty getting others out with us but we have been able to still get help and plus this ward is pretty much awesome. Its full of tons of Mormons in extreme debt from school loans because they are all trying to be Doctors, Dentists and Lawyers.
Our teaching pool has grown drastically, many of the people we are working with are kinda shaky because we find them on the bus mostly and we worketh in the ghetto/hood, but we are still trying our best to help them repent and change.
The coolest and most progressing investigator we have is a referral from the Shaker Heights area (the zone leaders we live with Elder Bills and Elder Hansen). His name is Chris Davis and he is basically baptizing himself, yesterday was the third time he's been to church because he went to the shaker ward twice, it's a true blessing to see the sincerity of him wanting to change his life. Yesterday at church he was looking for ample opportunities to serve the members in the ward and he even asked for help from everyone in the priesthood to help him be a better person.
We have been working with the Belle family as of late and that is where we have found most of the new investigators. There is a lot to work there and I foresee it being difficult to get them to church but they are however reading the scriptures and doing there best to follow Christ. Plus they listen very well when we come to visit. (From this house we have been working with Gloria, Arayna, Shayna, Trevonte, Rayonna, Terrance, Jamie and Brianna and I think some others but those are the only names I have). They all at different progression levels and various ages, but Arayna and Brianna I would say are progressing the most.
We have also been working with a YSA named Yonica and she has a very good head on her shoulders. She's very willing to do what we say but things keep getting in the way like sickness or just busy with finding a job. We've been doing our best to get her involved in the singles branch.
Well I love you all and I'm excited for this week. There is going to be lots of Christmas experiences to be had especially tomorrow when we all go to the Kirtland Temple for a meeting. It'll be to legit to quit.
Have a good week.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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