Monday, April 11, 2011

Uno Mas.

Had a good week. Oh and I don't think I told everyone that I'm also in the same apartment as another set of Elders. They are pretty awesome Elder McMananamon and Elder Scovil (who came out with Elder Dowley). I really like being around other missionaries after like 8 months of being in area's that are pretty far away from other missionaries. It was difficult for Elder Haines and I to find people to teach this week. Although, but at the very end of day Sunday night we were stopping by formers and we came across a guy named Kenneth Powell. He was a Bible referral for a few years ago. He was meeting with the missionaries for a little while it sounds like but he just couldn't seem to receive an answer to weather the Book of Mormon is true or not. So we were able to pick him up as an investigator which is awesome because we just haven't been able to find people to teach the couple weeks I've been here. But there was a referral we received and we have been having trouble contacting her. Plus another referral yesterday that seems pretty solid from a return missionary. Hopefully the new investigator and potential's keep us busy. So that would be 3 people to start teaching, which would be really awesome to get this area back up and running.
It was super awesome to see the baptism of "A"(dawan) yesterday as well. She's an awesome lady that the walking Elders that live with us have been teaching. She feeds us a lot when we go over there for something or other. She owns a Thai food place. She is from Thailand too and is pretty hard to understand sorta but also really simple and funny. But anyways she got baptized yesterday and it was really awesome.
The ward I'm in now had 24 convert baptism's last year. Bishop Jones is super missionary oriented. Went to Germany on his mission as well where he met his wife.
The other investigators we teach have been difficult to get in contact with and one of them is going on a vacation for a little while (I haven't even met her yet. She sounds good just busy and stressed).
Elder Haines and his last companion Elder Dransfield helped a Part-Member family get baptized last transfer and I flipping love them. Aaron and Mandi Vermilion. They have 4 daughters that are all really cute and they make me giggle and laugh a lot. But they are pretty much amazing.
Well it's pretty awesome to have passed my year mark. A year from today should be my very last day in the mission and then a year from tomorrow
"I'll be back."~The Governator
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

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