Monday, April 4, 2011


It has been an exciting transfer so far. Monday and Tuesday Elder Dowley and I were able to get some pretty good lessons in and I was assuming and then found out that I was being transferred so we said some goodbyes. Mainly to Jordyn Dickey who became just a really great friend. I feel that the Ashtabula area is quite a bit better than when I got there with the help we offered to the Fay family and also with the baptism of Tyler Bennett who is just a wonderful young man. I was super grateful that I was able to see him pass the sacrament before I left. There was more I wish I could've done there but all in all I did my duty.
Well...Tuesday night Pres. Sorenson called and I was released as a District Leader which wasn't to much of a surprise because that happens a lot when you get transfered. Although the cool thing is that he called me to be a Zone Leader. So that was pretty neat and made me excited for this upcoming transfer.
After I was all finished packing Elder Dowley who had recently gotten his driving privleges which made him the happiest missionary in the world. He drove us over to Perry Area where I picked up Elder Barlow who was also being transfered. Then Elder Dowley and I parted ways. He's a good missionary and he'll go far in the mission over time. Then we went to Kirtland for transfer meeting. When we got there I found out I would be serving in Findlay, Ohio with Elder Haines from Orem. He goes home in August. He's the first companion I've had that I actually met before. Partially because he was my Zone Leader when I was in Ashland. So he's pretty experienced and has been awesome to serve with so far.
After the meeting we drove to Perrysburg and then from there to Findlay which took about two hours. When we got to Findlay we found out that we would be driving to St. Mary's that night. It was a pretty cool experience to drive from the far northeast corner (Ashtabula) of the mission to the southwest corner (St. Mary's (also known as outer darkness sometimes because it is so far away)) of the mission. It was quite a treat actually to see so much of the mission in one day since I've never been to the western side of it. Well...I'm excited to see what new experiences Heavenly Father has in store for Elder Haines and I. It has been awesome so far especially with the amazing General Conference we just had.
Well I love you all.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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