Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guess who?‏

Elder Dowley and I gave special emphasis to the Burgess/Brooks family this week and we were able to make a change there. First off we found out a very important concern that Leila (Karen Brooks daughter) was having. Then we did our best to help her out with that. We tried to get her to mutual which is a little difficult because very few active members that can give rides live in that area. We found one but they couldn't this week so next week she'll make it. John was able to go to a YSA activity with Jordyn and Alissha Dickey which was totally awesome. Then our efforts mostly paid off. They were able to get Jacob, Karen, and John to church. It was John's first time and he really enjoyed it. After the second hour he told our ward mission leader Bro. Lewis. That a previous church that he had been too told him that we are 3 dimensional and god is 4 dimensional. Good ol' apostasy. But their family is doing really well.
The Fays are doing awesome. We've been working with them a lot as usual and David and Crystal are still pretty ok with taking the lessons. Its really fun teaching them. Although through both of our faults they didn't make it to church which was kind of a bummer. But they're still progressing.
The best thing that happened this week though was being able to see Tyler Bennett pass the sacrament. That was a real blessing and I love seeing his change and what having the Holy Ghost has done for him. There is a very different and wonderful glow about him. Its a blessing.
Not to bad of a week at all. Which is good cause it's my last one here. We got transfer information last night and I'm getting the boot out of Ashtabula. Its weird I didn't think I'd be finished training by this point in the mission. But I'm excited for the change. I'll be in my new area tomorrow. Love you all.
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

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