Monday, March 21, 2011

Almost a vacation.‏

Had a pretty sweet week. Played some racquetball with Jordyn Dickey and Elder Dowley last p-day. It was pretty fun although I pretty much didn't score but had a good time watching Jordyn and Elder Dowley compete.
We've been doing our best to help the Burgess/Brooks family out. It's going well and it's not going well at the same time. Karen and Johnathan weren't at church but Jacob came so that was good.
Harold Christopher has been a little sick with some pretty heavy migraines. I think he called them cluster migraines or something like that. Hopefully with General Conference coming up we'll be able to get him there. But all of that depends on him.
Wednesday we met with some former investigators. They are all super great and there is potential there but I don't know how much. I guess we'll find out later.
Sis. Fay's funeral was also Wednesday night. The services went well and the awesomest thing about it is that Elder Dowley was able to give the Eulogy. I mean who can say they did that on their mission. But the ward did a wonderful job in organizing it in such short notice.
Thursday was basically the start of a rather diligent vacation. In the morning Elder Dowley and I went to Perry area in the Kirtland Stake. He stayed there with a newer missionary than him Elder Parkinson. Then Elder Barlow and I took of to go to Shaker Heights area where the K-town Zone Leaders Elder Baxter and Elder Richardson (the one who left my district recently) live. When we arrived there we then got in another car so we could go to the mission office for a 2 day Leadership Training meeting. It was pretty awesome being instructed by the mission leaders for a while and there was a lot to learn. The meetings were long and when it was done at 4. Elder Richardson and I paired off and we went to Shaker Heights and worked that area. It was kind of like being in a Black San Francisco. He's a super good missionary as well. That night there was 8 missionaries in their apartment and then the following day we were instructed by the mission leaders again. After which we all went back to our areas. It felt like a vacation. I liked it a lot.
Sunday Tyler Bennett was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood. That was awesome.
Love you
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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