Monday, March 26, 2012

Come listen to a Prophets voice.‏

“Every challenge you face, every hard thing you confront, every bad thing that happens to you, every unfairness, every conflict, every sadness, tragedy, every disappointment and heartache, every temptation and every opposition happens for one purpose only: to give you opportunity to respond by applying in your life the teachings of Jesus. As you do so you are changed to become more like Him.”

“The purpose and essential blessing of life is to be changed to become more like the Lord, to realize the full measure of your divine potential. This process of change, this process of evolving, becoming, is the object of the gospel. Change is the design of faith in Christ, repentance and baptism. Redemptive change happens by the power of the Holy Ghost. But it happens only if and when your heart is right. It happens only if you do not fight against God. It happens only if you unconditionally surrender your will to the Lord.” - Lawrence E. Corbridge
It seemed to be a difficult week at the very beginning but it was honestly necessary to have all that difficulty for the end of the week to work out as well as it did.
Josh is doing great and he came to church this week. We have been doing a joint fhe with him and another member family. It's going really well. The only thing I see holding him back would be the word of wisdom right now and that is partly because his wife has difficulty with that as well. We're going to teach about that this thursday.
A new family that we have been working with the Rowe's has been awesome. We are teaching Anthony(40's), Sierra(10) and Ashley(23). Anthony is a member and Sierra and Ashley both have dates now. Yesterday we went to go pick them up before church and Sierra was eagerly waiting to go with her scriptures in hand it was an adorable sight to see. Brought a wonderful grin to my face. Both her and Anthony came and we aren't sure why Ashley didn't.
Great things are happening in Lima. The other day Elder Higgins and I were prompted to tract a specific street and we talked to very few people handed out a Book of Mormon with some high school age twins and even met one of the rudest women I've met in a long time. But we left the street with basically nothing. A couple days later 2 members came up to us and talked to us about the twins we gave the book of Mormon we gave and about another door we knocked on and how someone saw our card and went to the site and really liked it. Hopefully more great things come from that.
A missionary's prayer offered long ago was answered at church the other day. On April 8th a little 8 year old member boy will be baptized. A long time ago I prayed that I would see a baptism before I left this area (even before I got to it) and that prayer has been answered. Our Heavenly Father loves us and answers our righteous petitions no matter how small or how unexpected they may seem.
I love you all very much.
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

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