Monday, March 5, 2012

"It won't matter when we have to say Good-Bye to our loved ones, if we make and keep Temple Covenants." ~Pres. Smith (Toledo Ohio Stake)‏

It was a little bit of a harder week to teach people but honestly it wasn't to bad because we did do quite a bit of work. The first few day we were either getting cancelled on left and right or we were doing stuff for transfers.
However the investigators we are working with haven't had much progression this week.
Josh is a busy father who has had his heart softened over the years and if he would come to church it would defiantly help him with quitting smoking, from what we can tell he follows all of the other commandments.
Shanin and Jared will be looking we've asked the young women's president to have her young women write testimony letters of finding truth and that should help her feel more comfortable and help her be more involved in the ward.
Austin however has hit a stopping point. He is in all ways ready to be baptized tomorrow. But he talked to his grandparents and they won't let him make any major decisions until he is 18. He turns 16 pretty soon so it's kind of a bummer. We continually pray for softened hearts and i ask that everyone at home do so as well. We are trying to see if we can offer service or fellowship the grandparents to help that happen earlier. Also though it seems that Austin knows a lot of people and kids in Ada that we might be able to help which is awesome sauce.
Let's see Elder Woomer was transferred to Medina (which was awesome because I totally called it) on Wednesday. That whole day I spent my time with Elder Judd in Findlay. It was awesome, I was able to see Nick Rackley and the Morrows, plus Aaron and Mandy Vermllion I was very happy to see them all and others. At the end of the day my new companion (and murderer) that was sent to me is Elder Higgins. He's from St. George and he's very skinny and played soccer. I like him a lot.
Yesterday was stake conference and Pres. and Sis. Sorenson spoke as well as the stake Presidency. President will be leaving in July so they announced that too.
Love you all to bits.
(*)<~ Elder Lance Sumsion

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