Monday, June 13, 2011

Apple makes me think of Caramel Apple (or Adam and Eve, who knows). ~Elder Scovill‏

It has been a pretty exciting week. Started of with some help from a member named Bro. Hodgeman on Monday. He took us out to dinner and then agreed to go out with us to see a new investigator named Dennis. He was really good at trying to get to know him. Then we took off to go drop Elder Conlin of in Perrysburg with Elder Haines and Elder Stone. I saw Elder Haines' foot. It was gnarly his toe nail had been removed and his toe was huge.
The next day we went to Zone Leader Council with the contacting in Cleveland afterwards was pretty awesome. I was comped up with one of my favorite missionary's that always seems to make it into my emails Elder Richardson. They dropped us off in a part of Cleveland called tower city somewhere random and we just talked with every person we saw pretty much, spent a lot of time in a parking lot.
Afterwards we exchanged with the AP's I was with Elder Tracy, he is a very quick and diligent missionary and I appreciate his help in getting me to set my sights higher, he's rather funny as well.
On Friday Saturday a member was having a graduation party we ran into a nice guy named Sam there newly graduated out of High School, he said he was willing to let us come see him. He had a pretty sweet accent but he's from Findlay. Also while we were tracting later that day a nice lady named Mary opened her door and her dog bolted outside and we chased him around the neighborhood for a while and then we were able to talk with her after all that and she said she was willing as well.
Sunday the coolest thing that happened was that I was able to give Charlie the Aaronic Priesthood. That was pretty much awesome. He's such a great guy.
Anyway, Love y'all to bits and pieces
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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