Monday, June 27, 2011

The sky is Green and the grass is Ditto.

We have had a pretty great week here in Findlay. First off we were able to go out with a member Nick Rackley on Monday and meet some non-members and try to get to know them. Then that night we found out that Elder Ehlert would be getting transferred.
So on Tuesday we did a bunch of p-day stuff and made sure everything was set for the transfer.
On Wednesday I spent the day in the Holland area (which is Toledo Ohio) with Elder Pratt and Elder Trammel they have a good area up there and a lot of great people. I was excited to find out I would be serving with Elder Green, I've admired his faith and diligence since I met him a while ago. He's a pretty sweet missionary, he's been in the same district his whole mission which is about 10 months. There has defiantly been a difference since he has been here as well. I'm not saying that Elder Ehlert is a bad missionary because he's not, it just seems that everyone I go to see with Elder Green just works out compared to getting flamed all the time also we have been biking like beasts because we are out of miles.
I'm excited to see what happens with the new people we have been working with one of them is named Mary, but she's going on vacation here soon. We also have a great guy named Shawn White whom we helped paint his house and might play basketball with today during p-day. Lastly a family that we have been working with we were finally all able to teach. The Murphy's, at first we met the granddaughter Hannah and then we met the mother Cassi, but we started teaching the grandfather Gerald first. We have been unable to teach Cassi and Hannah because they never seem to be home when we come by. However Saturday night that changed and we were finally able to teach all of them. Their family is great and we really want to get the ward in there to help them out. Both Shawn and the Murphys commited to baptismal dates.
We also go and see a member family the Morrows a bit to help them out and they were robbed this week while they were sleeping. Pretty scary. But they are great and I love them a lot.
Oh and by the way the new missionary in the apartment is Elder Ditto he is companions with Elder Scovill who is sort of training him but Elder Ditto served the past year in the Ukraine but has been unable to get the language the past year so now he's here in an awesomer mission. He's pretty funny and it is really cool to talk to him about Ukraine.
Well I love you all to bits.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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