Monday, January 30, 2012

L.ost I.n M.iddle A.merica‏

Honestly it has been a real good week. Elder Woomer and I have been working hard and doing pretty good at finding people to teach, (which also includes lots of driving and not just normal driving but rather boring and un-entertaining driving until you reach the next city which seems to just go by so very fast) thanks to the help of a couple YSA's in the ward, plus some efforts on our part.
First off we ended up tracting into a part-member family (which i think I've already mentioned) and they have been away from the church for about 10 years and Denise the member has been having some kidney issues so we have been visiting her about every other day at the hospital and we found this out Monday night when we went back and ended up talking with her husband Glenn and picking him up as an investigator along with one of their sons Jacob. It's been a little difficult to teach Glenn and Jacob again but we have been teaching Denise in the hospital and bringing various members by as well which has been great.
Andrea Crites a recent convert that I actually interviewed for baptism in like march or something like that. She has been helping us out (a ton) and introduced us to two of her friends from school, Isabella and Felecia. They are both about 16 and are kinda caught up with the cares of the world because so was I when I was a teenager. However, I think they recognize that the church would be a really good thing in their life. They both came to the ward social Friday night.
Plus we have started actively teaching Shanin a girlfriend of Jared a member out here. At first she was very shy but I think she's warming up to us because since the first lesson she has been communicating with us much more. She actually kinda bore a small testimony that the church teaches good stuff after a ward party to Isabella. It was pretty sweet. She's coming along and coming to church and has been 3 times already which is way cool.
Also yesterday a head/quarters referral came to church that we have been having difficulty getting a hold of because the name was wrong. On the text message we received it said Markus. So we called and asked for Markus and the person said "Sorry wrong number" and then Good-bye. Well his name is Austin Hadley and he's been studying about the church on-line and just studying theology in general. He's planning on writing a paper about religions. He's pretty cool, we taught him yesterday after church and he said he would be baptized if he knew the Book of Mormon was true. Pretty neat kid.
That was pretty much my week. Love you all. Good things are happening.
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

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