Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Prepare and prevent rather than repair and repent." Bish. David Vineyard‏

"If you want something to be special, you have to treat it differently."

It has been such a good week honestly. The people we have been working with and have found are a little bit better than they were when we found them and one in particular is almost ready for baptism.
Chris Davis is our best investigator and he is going full speed ahead to his baptismal date of January 28th. The only issue I can see with him is attending the ward he's supposed to be going too. His godmother is a member of the shaker ward and she is the one that helped him start investigating in the first place. So he's attended that ward 3 times and ours once. I think that he'll come around though when he really starts developing stronger friendships with the members in the 3rd ward. He has been off smoking for almost 2 weeks now and coffee as well.
We found another great person named Mike Thomas and we taught him a week ago and he says some of the best prayers I've ever heard. We taught him on the 9th but for some reason we haven't been able to contact him since the 11th. I have very high hopes for him as well.
Other investigators that we have not taught in a while have let us into their home and though they are still busy they do want to progress and change their lives they just have to make time for God honestly.
Well we received transfer information last night...after a great Monday of work. Elder Stevens and I had 3 pretty much awesome lessons just happen in a row which forced us to skip our dinner and move it to a later time in the day. First was with Chris Davis and then we visited Tiffany Sumner (both of these lessons were with the help of Bro. Tyler Smith). Then we finished our night with Amanda and one of her friends Chris. We taught in Deweys Coffee shop, which is always a fun place to teach. The atmosphere would be 100 times better without one thing. But oh well, the lesson went well and then we walked with both of them home because they live in the hood. Which is pretty much this whole area.
Yeah I'm being transferred tomorrow to almost positively my last area. I feel very bittersweet about the whole thing I love it here but change is very, very necessary. It has been a real treat to be here and I've seen some of the difference me being here has made mostly with less-actives coming back to church, but Pam Payne should be getting baptized in the Shaker Ward soon and Elder Prince and I were the ones to start teaching her. I will have many, many memories of working in this part of the vineyard.
I really do love it here.
Love you all so much.
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

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