Monday, February 13, 2012

"Distractions Erode Faith" ~Pres. Sorenson‏

So the other day we were at a members (The Hartleys) for dinner. Somehow being an organ doner got brought up. Jessica (one of the people there said "They can take anything from me but not my eyes. They can't have my eyes." I pondered that for a just a second and then I said "I think I would rather have my eyes in somebody else's head, than being eaten by bugs out of mine."
Had a lot of good experiences this week. Somehow we have been able to get in contact with a decent amount of Less-actives this week and set up an appointment. Quite often when we get there we discover that there is a non-member there.
This week we met with Jordan Trujillo and when we arrived there we met his friend Josh and they both joined in a lesson in which we testified of the Book of Mormon mostly. He lives basically walking distance from the church and didn't even know it was there so hopefully that helps in getting them to church.
Funny story, while we were on our way to Jordan's the roads were very icy and Lima didn't salt those particular roads. So we nearly slipped off the road and then I got control of the car. Elder Woomer says "Um, you might want to move, the guy behind is slipping all over." Sure enough he was and was coming very close I hit the gas but obviously did it to hard and couldn't get traction. When I finally did the car moved a little bit and the guy behind us swerved into the ditch. Well we went to go help him out and while we were doing so Elder Woomer got covered in mud.
We've also been teaching the Coopwood's and there is quite a bit of family to work with there. Johny the father is a member and a little confused about doctrine but he's a good man and we have been helping him understand. Along with various other members of his family.
Austin Hadley one of our investigators in Ada, Ohio is very promising. He told us the other week that he felt a burning in his bosom after reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. He has read it twice now and is even testifying to other people that it is true. He has researched the church a lot and honestly I feel is very close to being ready spiritually to be baptized. We invited him to talk to his Grandparents about permission to do so and he is working on that. He wasn't able to make it to church this week because he attended a friends baptism in another church. He's just doing great though.
Shanin Holland is progressing. She has started reading the book of Mormon. However she comes to church quite easily even when she's out late at night and getting home at 230. She still came to church. She's progressing well and is starting to take the church more seriously. She's fun to teach and her boyfriend is a good example.
Well I love you all to bits and Happy Birthday Alissa!
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

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