Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"I know that what is strange at first becomes normal and home." ~Sis. Nash‏

Comparing this week to my other weeks in Lima it was the most difficult week we've had. We were doing our best to set stuff up but things just got in the way and we couldn't seem to keep those appointments and many cancelled usually just before we were about to head over there. However we did experience many blessings.
Zone Conference was just great, it was my last one and they had me bear my Testimony with another 2 missionaries at the end. I am so grateful to be in this mission and to be apart of spiritually uplifting and inspiring situations like that. I really just love this mission and all of the people I've met here. They have really just changed my focus on a lot of things.
Austin Hadley is still going well. We committed him to talk to talk to his grandparents about baptism and when we followed up he hadn't done so yet. He is however still reading and praying and starting to really get some relationships with the members in the ward and area where he lives.
Shanin Holland is great. There was success in getting her a date for Mar. 10th. She's a good person and has a lot of potential and I feel very privileged to be teaching her with my wonderful comp-y Elder Woomer.
The Washington's are doing ok. Denise is still in the hospital and really makes us worried sometimes. We came by and she was with Glen. We ended up teaching some of the Plan and Glen loved it. He just really ate it up and you saw a person who wanted to change but didn't know how at the end. Just a really great lesson and opportunity. However until Denise is out of the hospital I don't think much will happen there progression wise.
We picked up a former investigator Josh Johnson last night and taught him and his member wife Jessica. They are pretty cool, I'm excited to see what happens with them as time goes by. We set a date with him for the 24th of March.
I really just love my mission its absolutely wonderful in so many growing ways.
(*)<~Elder Lance Sumsion

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