Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 1

This morning started with Lance trying to organize his ipod with a balance of church music and scriptures. It took a while but with his sister Amanda's help he was able to finish while eating his blueberry and mango pancakes. Last minute pack was fun, good thing Cameron was able to help him shove the last items into his luggage and pull the zippers shut. With a few quick pics we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Sumsions to say goodbye since Grandma could not make his ordination last night. A few more pics later we headed for the MTC at 12:25pm. We met his Dad Brian and the rest of the family at the church so we could drive over together(they only allow one car per missionary now). Lance was doing good until he talked with his Uncle Dan and text-ed his girlfriend Carrie goodbye. We pulled into the MTC and found a spot to park, we took a few family pic's and then it was time to say goodbye.

It was hard, I actually didn't start crying until I saw the look in Cameron's face and the pain he was feeling at saying goodbye to his brother. The luggage was unloaded and final hugs came, it was emotional but quick. We all loaded into the car as he walked into the MTC doors. I like the new system of dropping off compared to the old days, it is much easier.

Lance has a very strong testimony of the gospel and I can already feel Heavenly Father's comforting presence in our home. He is in the Lords hands now and we need not worry, he will be well looked after. I ask if you send him things that you remember his companion as well, it will cut down on any fights or prevent jealousy between him and his companion. Only send him thing exclusively for him on Birthdays and Christmas.

My cousin Teri Pyne greets new missionaries at the Mtc and her daughter Missy said she talked to her Mom today and she said Lance was so excited when she saw him!!

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  1. Tyler & I were SO bummed to miss you by just minutes! We hadn't intended on meeting at the church with everyone, but then as we came out of the temple and we saw both the cars there we thought we had a chance...but our clock said 1:09. We pretty much figured we had missed it, but we loved getting to talk with your family in the parking lot moments after they said their goodbyes. You have a very supportive family Lance! And Amanda, way to go keeping the blog up to date. Great idea!