Thursday, April 15, 2010

First email from Lancie :]

Well I'm kinda on a time limit and since I was a bit of a slacker before I came out here I had to set up this e-mail before I started writing. Anyway. My first week was awesome. I've been learning a ton. Oh and just so everyone knows I'll generally be putting what's been going on the mission in my e-mails and not the letters cause despite what i thought I don't have very much time for anything. Well my first day was pretty good. I went to my room after I was dropped off and they didn't even give me time to un-pack. I went straight to meet my teachers. Bro. Adams who went to Kentucky and Bro. Phipps who went to Boston. They are both really really awesome. Adams is amazing at talking in very calm and spirit bringing tones. Phipps is uber knowledgeable about gospel history and stuff. My companion Elder Massey is a really nice guy I'm pretty lucky to have him because some of the guys in my district bother me. Although I have been nothing but nice and usually ignore the snide comments. Um to throw a mission story in there I was walking down the hallway and I saw this Elder walking down the hall with a can of Red Cream Soda tapping it with his key. I Said hi elder. He said hi and then his key like ripped through the aluminum of the can somehow and exploded. This scared him so he dropped it and ran for cover. Also I'm pretty sure my comp. Broke the Iron which i thought was pretty funny.

Anyway I'm having a good time. I know the church is true. Love you all and gotta go.
(*)<~Elder Sumsion

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