Thursday, April 22, 2010

Second E-Mail

So week two was very enjoyable I'm gonna have to say. Oh and before i forget here is my flight information. I have to wake up around 3 am the 27th. To report to the MTC travel office at 4 am with my luggage and everything else. The funny thing is I leave a day before my district and the people in my room have to come with me to the travel office at that time so I won't be alone on the way up and so my comp. won't be alone on the way back. So that's kinda funny. Um...My flight leaves at 7 am to Detroit, Michigan. I don't know how long that flight is but i'm assuming about 3-4 hours. Then I have an hour lay-over. After that i get on a 45 min. flight to CLEVELAND!!!! I'll be there around noon or afternoon depending on the time difference. So the point of that is if you send me a letter probably any later than Friday it may take quite a while to get to me. UM...It's kinda hard to summarize a week here when you do so much in a single day that you and your comp. start thinking the stuff you did this morning you think you did yesterday. Um....A spiritual thing would be Tuesday I had a mock-teaching appointment with this guy named Keith Smith. Well we were talking about the Plan of Salvation. At the first of the appointment I was having trouble getting words out of my mouth that even made sense to me much less the investigator, until I got an impression about the Joy the lord wants you to feel on earth. My impression was that Heavenly Father wants us to always feel the Joy you get when you hold your newborn child. I said I've never done this or else some of you reading this would be grandparents/uncles & aunts/etc. but I've heard the Joy is inexpressible. After that I felt a change in the lesson. Me and my companion just started teaching by the spirit continually. So yeah. The gospel is true. A funny story would be yesterday while I was helping host the new missionaries. I was told to lead around these new Japanese missionaries to their new rooms. I had to go and get their luggage with them from their temporary room and then go drop off their temp. keys at the main desk. What I didn't know was that I already had their new keys so I couldn't had them drop off their luggage in the building to the left. Instead I made them bring their luggage all around the MTC. Also every place they needed to be was on the top floor. Well I'm done for now.
(*)<~Elder Sump.

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