Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 2

It hasn't even been 24 hours since we dropped Lance off and we have had two people see him. Yesterday it was my cousin Teri Pyne today his girlfriend Carrie, she works in the mail room. She said he looked very happy.

I wanted to make sure all of you were aware of, it is a mail service that is free for the MTC. You sign in and you can write Lance a letter that will be mailed to him for FREE by noon tomorrow. There are no strings attached, see you have no excuse to write him, no letters, stamps, etc.

I received a Letter from Lance's Mission President and his wife today. President Darwin D. and Lee Ann Sorensen,they sent me the mission homes address. He would like letters of encouragement and support for Lance when he arrives in Cleveland the first day. This letter is will be given to him the first night of his arrival. Words of love and uplifting testimonies would be most appropriate. This is not his address out there, I will receive that information later after he arrives and I will pass it on.
His current address is still at the MTC in Provo until he flies out to Cleveland on April 27th.
Also no packages to this address just letters;

Elder Lance Orland Sumsion
Ohio Cleveland Mission
2070 West 117th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44111

To arrive on time they need to be at the mission home ASAP before the 13th the Mission President recommends.

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